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My mom taught me

May 11, 2014
My mom always told me no matter how difficult your day, never lose track of the bright side of life. She said life is like a railway track; happiness and sadness are the two parallel rails. Both things can co-exist and one should not lose sight of that perspective. Also from her I learnt if you can't appreciate the small things in life, you will never truly appreciate the big ones. Here she is in her picture showing me how to enjoy everything life has to offer!
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My mother taught me to break through the fourth wall

May 11, 2014
But as I reach the middle of my 40's, I realize the sheer joy found in making connections and living in the moment.
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Three lessons I learned from my mother, "the bike lady.”

May 11, 2014
My Mom has always lived life on her terms. Long before it was trendy, my mom rode her bicycle everywhere, even from Amherst to Boston to board a plane heading to England. In our town and beyond, she became known as the "bike lady." She cut a distinct image with grey hair, knee socks and mid-knee skirts. These are three of her lessons I live by: Lesson No. 1 – Understand what is real and get on with it. I remember walking home from first grade sobbing because my friends insisted that my Mom was “crippled” and I said she was not – she was perfect. My Mom was sitting on the front steps waiting...

Mom Taught Me To Be An Activist

May 11, 2014
I recently visited my mom for her birthday last week. She always possessed a practical, no-nonsense attitude. Mom is the personification of a hip 80 year-old, but she reminds me often that growing up during the Depression gives her the edge of realism. Her mind is as sharp as a tack, so even at her advanced age, she’s truly light years ahead of her pack. She’s still a voice of reason. Since Mom’s body is not as sprite as her intellect, she walks and walks to keep fit. As she prepared for a trip to visit relatives in Spain, Mom tells me, “I’m walking longer everyday to get ready for the trip...
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Lesson from my Mom: Community Responsibility

May 10, 2014
Of the many lessons my mom taught me, the most lasting is this: because we had good health, food to eat, and a roof over our heads, we had a responsibility to be thankful and to give back to our community, especially the poor, disabled and elderly. I don't remember her saying "to whom much is given, much is expected," but that was the message. She had drawn that lesson from her Catholic faith and the tight-knit Irish immigrant community she grew up in. She practiced it by serving as a Cub Scout Den Mother and volunteering with our church and school. And while I didn't realize it twenty years...
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An act of love

May 10, 2014
What my mother did that day was the toughest act of her life--and it was an act of love.
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Empathy is everything: A lesson from my mother, the doctor

May 10, 2014
My mother, Dr. Vera Delaney, is a kidney doctor, or nephrologist; she inhabits a very different world than that of diplomats.
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My Mother is my Derivation and Place

May 10, 2014
“El dia que naciste mi niña linda, nacieron todas las flores” are the first words my mom said to me this morning. It’s moments like these, in my mother’s infinite love and unconditional affection, that I remember why I’m activist. As we approach Mother’s Day, I’ve been thinking about Paula Gunn Allen’s article “Who is Your Mother? Red Roots of White Feminism“ that I read many years ago college. She addresses, among other things, the importance of tracing our own history through our mothers and their work—“your mother’s identity is the key to your own identity.” Her article resonated with me...
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Video Post

Caught on Video: Undeniable proof that moms have super powers!

May 10, 2014
Caught on Video: Undeniable proof that moms have super powers! Watch for the cute kids, stay for the laughs, share for Mother's Day! (The baby at :32 is now contacting an agent for voice over work, LOL.) Love this video as much as we do!? Share the laughs & celebrate moms by forwarding this email to friends and family--and by posting this video link on Facebook & Twitter. Here's to building a powerful movement of moms that can overcome gridlock in Washington, D.C! Moms Rock! Speaking of overcoming gridlock and bringing people together across the political spectrum, also make sure to...
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Mi Mamá Siempre Puso a Sus Hijos Primero

May 10, 2014
Mi mamá y yo no siempre hemos estado de acuerdo en muchas cosas. De hecho, cuando era más joven, nos peleábamos mucho. Ahora aprecio y agradezco todo lo que hizo por mí, porque me doy cuenta lo difícil que es ser madre. Mi mamá me enseñó que la parte más importante que voy a tener en mi vida es el de madre. Ella siempre ha puesto sus hijos primero y ese es el ejemplo que me ha dado.
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