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My mom taught me these life lessons

May 9, 2014
My mom taught me these life lessons…
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My mom always loved and accepted me as I was

May 9, 2014
My mom always loved and accepted me as I was, and in doing so, she taught me to love and accept others as they are.
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My mom helped me understand that I should appreciate what I have, while I have it.

May 9, 2014
My mom helped me understand that I should appreciate what I have, while I have it. Some of that's really small stuff. My earliest memory is being washed in the kitchen sink, and then, my disappointment when we had to move that to the bath. Later, well, I loved having pajamas with the feet in them, and then, my disappointment when I was too big for them. (They're made in adult sizes now, but it's not the same.) Only recently have I realized how she struggled to raise two boys, living not far above the poverty line. We were never hungry, but I recall her scraping together a little money for...
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A little lipstick and independence

May 9, 2014
My mother taught me so many things, it’s hard to choose which to write about. What always stands out for me was her fierce independence as a young woman. She told me she could do anything as well as the boys when she was a kid and she proved it to them often. She ran away from an abusive father to California and found her “Golden Dream." She instilled in me a sense of being my own woman, and not to depend on a man. Yet, she always wanted to be a lady and have doors opened for her. She taught me: A little lipstick goes a long way. She was the first feminist (without knowing it) I ever met. The...
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My mother taught me to love books

May 9, 2014
My mother, Ricki Waldman, taught me to love books. In my house we were not athletes, we did not have hobbies. We read. Voraciously. Constantly. We even had periodic "reading suppers," in which we would all sit silently around the dinner table, each immersed in our own book, paying scant attention to our food. My husband finds the idea of a reading supper horrifying - shouldn't people talk to one another over their meals? Yes, I tell him, but secretly, when I'm in the middle of a particularly delightful novel, I long for my childhood when no one expected you to put down The Wind in the Willows...
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My mom taught me the ritual of the family dinner

May 9, 2014
My mom taught me the ritual of family dinner. Monday through Friday we sat down together as a family to eat and talk about our day. Dad came home, siblings in from riding our bikes, hands washed, table set, everyone at the table until dessert was over and the kitchen cleaned. Then you were excused. I've carried on that tradition with my daughters.
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My mom taught me to love words

May 9, 2014
My mom taught me to love words. We were poor when I was a kid, so we never had the latest toys.
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My mom taught me how to be tough

May 9, 2014
My mom taught me how to be tough. Not tough in the way we usually think of the word “tough,” you know what I mean, bleeding from the head, walk it off, fistfight on the school bus, that sort of thing. (My mom’s like 5’ 3” and only weighs a buck and change maybe, though I did once witness her take a swing at some would be pick pockets in NYC, but that is a story for another time, if at all.) No, my mom taught me toughness in the most important way—the toughness of responsibility. I was about 8 years-old and my sister about 2 years-old when my dad got a really good job in Los Angeles. My mom...
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Since Becoming A Mom

May 9, 2014
Since becoming a mom, I've learned the importance of drinking. Being a parent is hard. So hard that it makes me question evolution. If reproduction is a biological necessity for our species, then why is parenting so damn hard? Darwin has some explaining to do. Or maybe Freud. I have a five-year-old daughter named Willa. She's wonderful but she gets up entirely too early every morning and is way too resistant to going to bed at night. The result is that my partner and I are basically constantly exhausted. And so although for the first 31 years of my life I never really relied on caffeine, I...
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My Mother's Day Tribute

May 11, 2014
Whenever she caught one of us gossiping or being petty, my mom used to say, There are three kinds of people in the world: People who talk about other people; people who talk about things; and people who talk about ideas. With those words, she made it crystal clear she expected us to grow up to be idea people. But she didn't just talk; she role modeled the concept, everyday. Here's a good example: visualize a mild mannered grandmother, walking near her home in a Seattle neighborhood. She spots a group of kids horsing around in a construction pit, hurling splintered boards and debris. Some...
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