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3D-printed guns are a grave threat to public safety and national security. It is madness to give everyone in the world free instructions on how to produce them.

  • 3D-printed guns are untraceable, because they don’t have serial numbers.
  • 3D-printed guns are undetectable, because they are made of plastic.
  • And 3D-printed guns can be produced by anyone with access to a 3D printer and blueprints, making a mockery of background checks, concealed-carry permits, and other commonsense gun safety measures.

Tell the State Department to stop free downloads of blueprints for 3D-printed guns by terminating its settlement with Defense Distributed.  

HERE'S THE LOW DOWN: In 2013, when the firearms company Defense Distributed first tried to share its design files for 3D-printed guns over the Internet, the federal government blocked it on the grounds that making the files available through the World Wide Web was tantamount to illegal exports of firearms. Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson sued in response. A few weeks ago, after a five-year legal battle, the State Department suddenly caved, agreeing to exempt Defense Distributed from the regulation, and even from paying $40,000 in legal fees.

Charging that the Defense Distributed settlement jeopardizes states’ ability to enforce gun laws and puts public safety at risk, 19 states have joined a lawsuit to stop it. As a result, a federal judge placed a temporary restraining order on Defense Distributed, saying, “There is a possibility of irreparable harm because of the way these guns can be made." 

But a “temporary” retraining order is not enough! We need long-term solutions to halt the proliferation and normalization of 3D-printed weapons production, and that includes the State Department terminating its incredibly misguided and harmful settlement with Defense Distributed.

Take action now and tell Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to stop Defense Distributed from publishing free, downloadable blueprints for 3D-printed guns by terminating its settlement with the State Department.

Among the design files Defense Distributed wants to make available are blueprints for a handgun called “The Liberator,” as well as for an AR-15-style assault rifle. A new report from RAND Corporation, the national security think tank, describes other weapons that have been successfully produced through 3D printing, including a rocket launcher. The RAND report warns that lone wolf killers and terrorist groups, for example, may soon be able to print their weapons of choice for their destructive purposes.

The RAND report clearly lays out how 3D-printed weapons are a terrifying threat to both national and global security. As 3D printing technology becomes ever more affordable and sophisticated, we must do everything possible now to obstruct and stop the proliferation and normalization of 3D weapons production, starting with termination of the State Department's settlement with Defense Distributed.

Tell the State Department to terminate its settlement with Defense Distributed now!

Please forward this post and the call-in number to friends, family and everyone in your community who cares about public safety, national security, and global security, so they can sign on too!

Together, we will be strong voice for safer families and communities, and for a safer world.

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