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We need every super mom, dad, grandparent and other MomsRising members to act now to make real healthcare reform for kids and families happen this year. To be a superhero, all you have to do is share information about healthcare reform as far and wide as you can.

Here's your first Truth Squad assignment -- debunking the myth that healthcare legislation would promote "death panels." This is the craziest myth of them all and one that's unnecessarily scaring folks. We wish we didn't even have to address this myth, but because so many people are worried about it--and because the media is fanning the flames of this rumor to increase ratings--we're making it our first assignment.

The first fact for you to spread far & wide: Healthcare reform legislation will NOT promote "mercy killing," euthanasia, or establish "death panels" to decide whether seniors will get life-sustaining medical care. Health reform is supported by the AARP - which represents more than 40 million Americans over age 50 - and the American Medical Association.

Here are some sources for this myth debunking information that you can share with friends:

Where and how to spread the word? How about through conversations at the playground, in your Facebook update, in line at the grocery store, in the signature line of your email, by forwarding facts via email to friends and family, at parties, and anywhere and everywhere you can think of. If you're really motivated, you can post a sign in your yard, make a t-shirt to publicize the real healthcare fact far and wide, or even wear a sandwich board.

Then share photos of your efforts on our Facebook page! We love seeing members in action!

Here’s a casual opening you can use to help spread the word, “Hey, can you believe the craziness about healthcare reform? I can’t believe people are resorting to fear tactics--and even saying there will be ‘death panels’ when ‘death panels’ clearly aren’t part of any national healthcare proposal at all. Can you believe this wackiness?"

Here’s an idea for a Facebook update: Health reform is about promoting health, not death. "Death panel" claims are crazy and untrue! Check out for more info!

Do tell! Meet me back here to report your experiences and ideas:

You can have a super heroic impact on the national healthcare reform debate without having to leap into burning buildings or even to leave your living room! Just asking a casual question here and there while dropping a fact in will make a big impact. Not too hard. And, pretty fun. Don’t forget to let us know how your conversations go!

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