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In the beginning, the original indigenous peoples of each continent lived in rhythmic connection with our earth and the natural world.

These first, native people understood through observation, experience, and connection to the spirit of all life that their very existence was one with all of nature. Every day was attuned and in accordance to the earth, the changing seasons, and the cycle of day and night. They lived with their feet firmly on the ground and in direct contact with their natural environment, rather than separated from it by concrete, climate-controlled buildings, and automobiles.

If they overhunted, they saw and felt the impact. When they gathered or planted, they knew the effect of their actions. Everything was and is symbiotic. Nature has not changed, but humans have, we no longer live in alignment with the Earth. We have removed ourselves from the natural world and isolated ourselves in sky-high concrete boxes, far away from the ground. Our planet is a conscious being in her own right, but we treat her like a resource to be used for our convenience. We have forgotten our interdependence and interconnection to all life. And so we get sick, and we feel depressed, lethargic and despairing.

The way back to connecting with our spiritual selves is through realignment with nature. There is a joy in living in harmony with all the interdependent parts of our natural world. To walk the path back to knowing who you really are, here is a oneness-with-nature meditation:

1. First, go stand or sit in nature. Allow yourself to be drawn to something of nature—a tree, for example. Then take three cleansing breaths. With each breath, allow your mind to become present to the tree right now, free of any worries or thoughts; you might imagine a whiteboard in your mind and wiping off those worries or thoughts.              

2. When you feel present, ask the spirit of the tree to allow you to connect with its essence. Focus on the tree and use each of your five senses one at a time, almost in slow motion.

3. First, look at the tree, really seeing it, and take its visual presence into every cell of your body. Pause.

4. Then touch the tree and register what it feels like, bringing the feeling of its essence into every cell of your body. Pause.

5. With the softest part of your ear, listen to the sound of the tree and take that sound, its tone, into every cell of your body. Pause.

6. Now smell the scent, the perfume of the tree, and take that smell into every cell of your body. Pause.

7. Then imagine the taste of the tree and take the essence of the taste into every cell of your body. Pause.

8. Be aware and open to the senses of connection and peace.

It is so pure that you may feel, with time, as if you could be one with the tree and it is one with you.

With practice, you will sense the peace-filled quickening effect on your spirit, emotions, mind, and physical state, for each time you practice this meditation, you will be reminded that we are always in sacred space, connected to all life. Enjoy, consciously discovering nature’s constant, life-giving connection to you. 

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