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1.6 million people have now been cut off of unemployment insurance.  Misty DeMars, an unemployed mom of two who lost her benefits recently, was a guest of the President's during last weeks State of the Union. And while the president called for an immediate extension of benefits, Congress is still dragging its feet on passing a bill.

Meanwhile moms like Teresa are going to lose their benefits this week! Please read her story below.

Teresa's (from Tampa, FL) story:

The thought of losing my unemployment benefits this week turns my stomach.  Yes, the unemployment checks aren't much, but they do help a lot, especially with the light bill and food for my family.  It scares me!  The job market here in Florida has been shaky for a while now.

My spouse and I have been contemplating what bills to keep paying on and what bills to let go. It makes it even harder since we've worked so hard to keep a good credit rating.  My spouse can't carry all of the bills.  The education system doesn't pay enough in Florida. We're praying that Congress comes up with some type of agreement within the next week or so.  If not, we'll be flipping a coin or calling family to see what gets paid and what has to end up in collections.


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