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Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! Keep your holiday nontoxic with these easy, last minute tips. Find out how to take toxic chemicals out of your romantic meal and your Valentine's Day sweets, as well as DIY beauty gift ideas for your Valentine, and green tips for your cards and wrapping paper.

Dinner for Two: Staying in? Going out? Either way, we've got you covered. Check out these Non-Toxic Tips Tuesday guides to taking toxic chemicals out of your meals.

Going out?

  • How to Take BPA Off the Menu: Tips on ingredients to look out for on salads, pizza, pasta, and burritos, as well as easy BPA-spotting rules that you can apply to any cuisine.

Staying in?

Valentines Day Sweets: Looking for sweets for your sweet? Try these tips for making, and buying, less toxic Valentines Day goodies.

  • Pink frosting: Skip the artificial colors and make your own festive pink frosting. Try this recipe from Mkokopelli: It replaces food coloring with strawberries and raspberries.
  • Limit your packaging: If you're shopping for candies, avoid individually wrapped items. Look for bulk sweets, or items that haven't been hyper-packaged for Valentines Day. Decorate less packaged items with pretty recycled paper or fabric hearts. For a fabric hearts idea, try this fabric hearts necklace craft from Salsa Pie.
  • Dip it in chocolate: You can make incredibly pretty and delicious treats by using these two rules: dip it in chocolate, cover it in something yummy. Buy treats in bulk (pretzels, dried fruit, etc.) or make your own, stock up on chocolate chips, and find a yummy extra (crushed hard candies, dried coconut, etc.) When you’re buying treats, go organic if you can. If that's not possible, do what makes sense for your budget, read the labels, and try to choose treats that are less processed with shorter ingredient lists. Melt chocolate over low heat or even in the microwave. Dip treats in the chocolate, roll them in your yummy extra, then refrigerate them on a baking sheet.

DIY Beauty Gifts: Skip the stores, and pamper your Valentine with an easy (and inexpensive!) beauty treat.

How to Wrap Your Valentine's Day Gifts:


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