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The California State Assembly has until today to pass a bill, SB 797, that would ban the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA) from baby products like bottles and formula cans.

As the Los Angeles Times noted today, the formula and packaging industry have launched a ferocious campaign against this bill even though there are 200 peer-reviewed studies linking BPA with heart disease, diabetes, liver problems, brain damage, cancer and hormone disruption.

We are currently six votes shy of passing this important piece of legislation. CA moms, can you help us protect our children from BPA by making a few phone calls? Please encourage the following legislators who voted against the bill to vote YES on SB 797:

1. Wilmer Amina - Carter 916-319-2062
2. Alyson Huber- 916-319-2010
3. Norma Torres- 916-319-2061

We have even provided a script to help you out:

“Hello, My name is _______________________ and I am calling on behalf of Moms in California in favor of supporting SB 797 to get the chemical bisphenol-A out of baby bottles and formula cans.

I know that the Assemblymember has one last chance to support this bill today through an "aye" vote when it is up for reconsideration. I am greatly concerned that as a mother, Assemblymember ______________ is unwilling to protect the state's children herself. I am urging her support of SB 797 today.

Thank you for your time!”

And thank YOU for taking the time to save this bill and protect our children from toxic products. Please help spread the word to all your family and friends in California!

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