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Let’s face it. Children share everything. Unfortunately, that included colds and the flu. Moms and dads know this and want to protect the health of all children by staying home, which helps speed the recovery of their child and prevents the spread of illness to classmates. But when working parents are unable to earn paid sick days, they’re faced with an impossible choice: Send their child to school sick or stay home with their child and risk losing a day’s pay or possibly even their jobs.

Nearly one million families in MA do not have paid sick days.


Moms and dads encourage the MA state legislature to move quickly and pass the Paid Sick Days Act because we know that paid sick days are good for kids, working families, public health, and business. Paid sick days would help contain health care costs through prevention, early detection and treatment of illness.  With paid sick days, families will not be forced to send sick children to school and likely infect classmates and teachers; workers with paid sick days would not spread illness to their coworkers and customers; and businesses would benefit from more productive employees, higher employee morale and reduced turnover costs.


Want to hear what other MomsRising members think? Let's kick off this blog-a-thon with comments from a few of our Massachusetts MomsRising members:


Civilized countries need civilized laws - paid sick days are essential for parents!

Lisa W., West Roxbury, MA


Paid sick days are so important to families. As a mom to two kids, I see on a regular basis how quickly illnesses spread in schools. It's bad enough when colds or mild bugs are spread, but even worse when flu season comes around and we're dealing with far more serious viruses. With the increase in drug-resistant viruses and bacteria this is an even more dangerous game to play with kids' lives. And it's not just the kids in school we need to worry about, it's the whole family. They will come home with whatever they catch at school and pass it on to their parents and younger siblings and other family members. What could be a mild illness in a child, could be deadly to infants or grandparents.

—Paula T., Lawrence, MA


When sick people are at work, they can't perform their jobs properly. And they may spread their illness around.

Brooks B., Amherst, MA


Paid sick leave reduces spread of illness, helps maintain productivity, and improves morale. So putting families first is good for the economy!

Rebecca K., Holden, MA


This is so sensible and efficient. Eventually, everyone pays if moms and dads can't stay home to care for sick children or themselves. Fewer people are exposed and sick kids get better faster. Such a good idea.—Ruth T. , Winchester, MA


Help make MA schools and workplaces healthier and safer by passing the Paid Sick Days Act.


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