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Spring Merch

Spring into Action with Fresh MomsRising Merch

Are you honoring someone special this Mother’s Day? Our Spring 2024 Collection mantra, Raising our children, raising our voices, embodies the essence of motherhood and activism. Our merchandise celebrates this dual role, empowering YOU to make a difference both at home and in your community. Celebrate the power of Moms and Mom-figures this Spring.

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Do your children eat school meals?

Do your children eat school meals (school breakfast and/or school lunch)? If so, what do you and your children like about these school meals? What would you and your children like to improve about these school meals?

Share your thoughts and experiences with school meals with MomsRising! Your stories are important and powerful!





Tell Congress: Pass the Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act now!

As most families struggle to pay their monthly child care bills and go without paid family and medical leave, the ultra-wealthy 0.01% in this country are blasting space ships into the atmosphere for fun and companies like Tesla are paying practically $0 in taxes, while their CEO Elon Musk walks away with a $4.4 billion paycheck. Must be nice. Certainly isn’t fair!!!

Tax Day is on Monday, April 15th (don’t forget to file your taxes!). Now is the perfect time to tell Congress: It’s time that wealthy individuals and wealthy corporations pay their fair share in taxes!

***SIGN our letter calling on the U.S. Congress to pass the Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act and make the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes!

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