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call your senators to demand impeachment inquiry
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We're back with this week's list of top actions, kicking off with a petition to urge our representatives to hold leaders accountable and pursue a thorough impeachment inquiry. It's critical we all speak up to defend our democracy and our institutions, so please be sure to sign and share with everyone you know who might want to add their name. And scroll down for important actions around abortion access, voting, and more, as well as a photo of our Executive Director Kristin delivering our Mom Platform to presidential candidates!

Thank you, and here are our top #5Actions of the past week! =>

1. Quick Signature: Tell Congress to proceed with a thorough and fair impeachment inquiry!

BACKGROUND: America’s elections belong to America’s voters and no foreign government should play any role in determining the outcomes, let alone be coerced by the President to do so! We must hold the President, and all leaders, accountable to the people. This is a historically important moment to stand up not just for us, not just for today, but because the patterns we are setting now build the country our children will live in for years to come--and we want our children to live in a fair democracy.

2. Sign Now for Reproductive Rights: End Hyde!

BACKGROUND: For over four decades, anyone who relies on government health care has been unable to use their benefits to cover the cost of an abortion. The Hyde Amendment was enacted 43 years ago and restricts government funds from being used to cover abortion “except in extremely limited circumstances,” essentially ensuring that low-income women can’t access the same rights to safe, legal abortion as the rest of the population. Urge your member of Congress to co-sponsor the EACH Woman Act which would repeal the Hyde Amendment!

3. Are You Registered To Vote? Check here…

BACKGROUND: Last week was National Voter Registration Day, an important day to celebrate democracy by taking a few moments to register to vote or to check your voter registration!! You can register to vote -- or double check your voter registration status -- by using MomsRising’s Voter Registration page. And doing it right now ensures you make the voter registration deadline in your state! Each and every vote you cast is important and is needed. Making sure our democracy delivers on freedom and justice for everyone depends on as many eligible voters as possible voting! This means participating in elections big and small, from electing your local school board members all the way up to electing the President of the United States. Check now. When we’re all voters, we all win.

4. Quick Signature: Tell Congress to Ban Surprise Medical Bills!

BACKGROUND: For the first time ever, Congress has an opportunity to pass bipartisan legislation that will ban surprise medical bills, and would protect patients while reducing health care costs and premiums. That’s right—bipartisan legislation that would have a huge positive impact for families across the country is within reach of passage! **But dark money from provider groups is pouring into ad campaigns to stop it, so we need everyone to speak out to support this bipartisan legislation. When you click this link we'll automatically sign you onto this important petition telling Congress to pass legislation banning surprise medical bills!

5. Write a Letter to the Editor to Speak Out to #SecureOurVote!

BACKGROUND: Now more than ever, our Senators need to know that we demand immediate action to secure our vote ahead of upcoming elections. Join us in writing a letter to the editor speaking out to secure our elections! #SecureOurVote


This week MomsRising Executive Director Kristin handed off our Mom Platform to presidential candidates U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, at events hosted by SuperMajority in Las Vegas. Photo below! And did you see the news that Melinda Gates is committing $1 billion (yes that's a B!) to promote gender equality? #Inspired.

Have a great weekend!


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