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Did you watch the first all-female spacewalk today? WOW! We are inspired. Now let's each be superstars by signing and sharing our list of top 5 Actions from the past week! We're kicking things off with an important flu season-related call for Congress to support the Healthy Families Act, which provides paid sick days to care for yourself of a loved one. We're also urging Congress and state governors to end youth incarceration, demanding a full impeachment inquiry, speaking out about abortion access and voting, and sharing our new animation about preemption (if you don't know what preemption is, take a moment to find out more about this scary tactic that blocks local policies we support.). Please make sure you've signed and shared them all. 

Thank you, and here are our top #5Actions of the past week! => 

1. Tell Congress: Advance Paid Sick Days with the Healthy Families Act! 

BACKGROUND: Every single year, the United States experiences seasonal flu epidemics. But before you start stocking up on tissues and reviewing proper hand washing techniques with your kids, take a quick second to ask your members of Congress to act quickly to pass the Healthy Families Act and do one of the best things possible to curb the spread of cold and flu bugs this season! The Healthy Families Act is historic legislation that would allow workers in businesses with 15 or more employees to earn up to seven job-protected paid sick days each year to be used to recover from their own illnesses, access preventive care, provide care to a sick family member, or attend school meetings related to a child’s health condition or disability. Workers in businesses with fewer than 15 employees would earn up to seven job-protected unpaid sick days each year to be used for the same reasons, unless their employers choose to offer paid sick days. There is huge momentum for the Healthy Families Act! The bill has more co-sponsors in Congress than ever before. Now is the time to turbo-boost this legislation with some serious MOMentum! Add your name now.

2. Urge Congress and State Governors to END Youth Incarceration NOW!

BACKGROUND: On any given day, the United States incarcerates nearly 60,000 youth under age 18 in jails and prisons, incarcerating more young people than any other country.  Prison is no place for a kid.  Children deserve a future free of criminalization, a future that supports their development and capacity to contribute meaningfully to society. Join us to tell Congress and our state Governors that we need them to END the practice of putting kids in prison and invest in community based supports, services, and opportunities for youth.

3. Demand a Thorough and Fair Impeachment Inquiry!

BACKGROUND: America’s elections belong to America’s voters and no foreign government should play any role in determining the outcomes, let alone be coerced by the President to do so! We must hold the President, and all leaders, accountable to the people. This is a historically important moment to stand up not just for us, not just for today, but because the patterns we are setting now build the country our children will live in for years to come--and we want our children to live in a fair democracy. Add your name now

4. Quick Action for Reproductive Rights!

BACKGROUND: For over four decades, anyone who relies on government health care has been unable to use their benefits to cover the cost of an abortion. The Hyde Amendment was enacted 43 years ago and restricts government funds from being used to cover abortion “except in extremely limited circumstances,” essentially ensuring that low-income women can’t access the same rights to safe, legal abortion as the rest of the population. Urge your member of Congress to co-sponsor the EACH Woman Act which would repeal the Hyde Amendment!

5. Preemption Stifles Local Voice and Innovation. Watch our new animation to learn how!

BACKGROUND: Communities across the country are building a world where all of our kids and families can thrive. And parents have helped lead the way. But what if your city, town or county was barred from following the will of the people and making these good things happen? Right now, corporate interests are working to pass state-level “preemption” bills that stop local communities from passing policies promoting public health, safety and economic well-being, that are supported by people and local leaders. Preemption is part of a national coordinated campaign by corporate lobbyists and trade associations to silence our voices in order to protect their profits and line their pockets. Check out our new animation to learn more! 


Have a great weekend!  


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