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What is a MomsRising Tweetchat?

MomsRising tweetchats are opportunities to discuss core issue areas related to the economic security and well being of moms and families (like healthcare or food justice) by using a subject specific hashtag. We invite experts in the field to answer member questions, share the latest resources, and invite members to discuss their own views on the topics. The various issue areas have their own time slots and often repeat weekly at a pre-determined time, but sometimes we may have special issue tweetchats on other days that we advertise in advance. Joining our tweetchats means that you, our members, can join and talk to us in real time with 140 characters or less! When you join a tweechat by re-tweeting or asking question, you help us at MomsRising bring awareness to family economic justice issues by reaching a wider audience on social media—which means you make a difference every time you join!

 How do members join the Tweetchat?

Before you can even join the chat, you need to have a Twitter account. If you don’t have on yet, you can create one for free at Once you are logged into your account, search for the subject specific hashtag (#) for your chat—like #WellnessWed or #FoodFri. By clicking on that hashtag, you’ll be able to see all the recent tweets for that topic and follow the conversation by reading the tweets on the thread in the order they appear. As you follow the conversation, you might notice MomsRising posing questions to the guest expert using “Q1, Q2, Q3…” to indicate how many questions have been asked. The partners will usually respond using “A1, A2, A3…” in the same way to help tweeters keep up with the conversation. If following the conversation thread seems a bit confusing, we recommend creating a free account with The website allows you to follow the MomsRising's registered hashtags by creating an account. You can use your Twitter account or email to sign up. Once you create an account, enter the hashtag in the search box (found at the top of the page) and click on the "Join This Twub" button found on the right-hand side bar.

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Participants are encouraged to share tweets from the chat by re-tweeting (this is great way to show support) or sharing thoughts on the issue being discussed. If commenting or asking a question, make sure to always include the main chat hashtag so everyone sees your tweet! MomsRising Tweetchats are an awesome way to stay up to date on the issues and allows you to virtually meet other moms who care about the issues as much as you do!

 Times & Days for Weekly MomsRising Tweetchats

  • Environmental Health tweetchats: Tuesdays from 9pm-10pm ET/ 6pm-7pm PT with the hashtag #EcoTipTue
  • Healthcare for All tweetchats: Wednesdays from 2pm-3pm ET/11am-12pm PT with the hashtag #WellnessWed
  • Healthy Food for All Children and Families tweetchats: Fridays from 1pm-2pm ET/10am-11am PT with the hashtag #FoodFri

Can’t wait to see you there and make sure to follow @MomsRising on twitter for the latest updates on our tweetchats and more! And please share your Twitter handle in the comments below!

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