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As busy moms, sometimes it's nice to stop and think about all the lessons we've learned throughout our lives because it can help keep us focused on what's important to us. Over at we started a new blog series titled Things I've Learned and each day one of my 24 bloggers posts up her list. It's fun, inspiring and empowering to follow along and read about the lessons other moms have discovered for themselves. Below is my list. I strongly encourage you to post a comment here on to tell me what some of your life lessons are (so far anyways!).

Since I’m 30 – here are my 30 things I’ve learned (although I still have a lot more learning to do!):

Got this tat during my 30th year. Learned that a tattoo hurts way less than childbirth, for realz.

1. My high school guidance counselor once told me that some friends are here to stay and others touch our lives more briefly and it’s OK when those friendships end. Some relationships come into our lives for a particular reason, to help us through some stage in our life, and while it hurts when a friendship ends, sometimes it’s OK. This has helped me get through a lot.

2. You really can fall in love with someone quickly. (I got engaged to my husband of 5 years after two weeks of dating)

3. It’s important to recognize and cherish your special gift(s) to the world.

4. Every single person has their own struggle. Someone may seem “perfect” but we’re all human and all have personal battles.

5. If you’re a person with high-anxiety (like me), lay off the caffeine.

6. Compliment people, all the time and MEAN it.

7. Make sure your friends and family know how important they are to you. Do everything you can to cherish and nurture the relationships that are most important in your life.

8. On your birthday, remember to thank your momma – it’s her “birth” day too.

9.  At times it can be hard but please choose compassion over judgement, as much as possible.

10. You think you know everything about being a parent, until you are one. Then, your mind is BLOWN.

11. Never judge someone who is overweight/obese. That person is likely facing a lot of inner turmoil and emotional pain and food may be their only comfort.

12. Fight fiercely against injustice.

13. Be yourself. The world wants to turn you into their version of perfect - don’t give in. You are already perfect.

14. If your 6 month old is playing on the bed don’t turn around for even 1 second (I learned this the hard way – no worries, everyone is OK!)

15. Sometimes you’ve just gotta let go of how you thought your life would be and appreciate it for what it is.

16. Have fun in college – a LOT of fun. Dance on tables, go out with your friends, take naps in the middle of the day.

17. On the topic of college, it doesn’t really matter what college you go to – the most important thing is getting the most out of the school you choose.

18. Trust your intuition. You know what I mean. That inner voice that tells you stuff – listen to it more.

19. Dream big. Work hard to make your dreams come true. It’s possible!

20. It’s OK to kiss your kids on the mouth. I always thought this was gross, then I had my kid and I want to make out with her all the time. Not really. Well, maybe.

21. You can make new, awesome friends at any age.

22. Seek out mentors. We all need people to look up to – choose wisely.

23. People are more than their political beliefs. Just because someone may have different views from you, it doesn’t mean you can’t still be great pals.

24. I am a sensitive soul and am proud of it. Hugs to my other sensitive peeps!

25. Everyone can benefit from seeing a psychologist. Every.Single.Person.

26. “To give less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” OK, I stole that from Steve Prefontaine but it is my all time favorite quote.

27. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people and your life will be SO much better.

28. Text messaging is awesome. Drunk texting is also awesome.

29. When women empower each other instead of tearing each other apart, that is true sisterhood.

30. Getting tucked into bed every night by your significant other is absolutely lovely.

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