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By Judy Waxman, Vice President of Health and Reproductive Rights

Opponents of the health care law are determined to weaken the law by any means — even if it means hurting millions of middle class families.

Help us fight back — the House of Representatives will vote tomorrow: tell your Member of Congress to oppose H.R. 436, legislation that undermines tax credits in the health care law that help make health insurance coverage more affordable for women and their families.

Opponents of the law are trying to pass legislation that would eliminate some of its most important benefits, making affordable health coverage an unattainable dream for millions of women and their families.

Under the law, millions of families will receive tax credits to help make insurance more affordable. The law protects individuals and families from having to pay an excessive tax if they have an unexpected change in income — such as a promotion or year-end bonus — or if they get married. This legislation would eliminate this protection, leaving low and middle income families vulnerable to hundreds or even thousands in additional taxes.

What happens to millions of American families if Congress undermines the law? Hundreds of thousands of women who are eligible for this tax credit may be forced to refuse health coverage for fear of the repayment penalty. And since women have lower incomes than men and are more likely to experience large changes in earnings during the year, they will be more likely to be harmed.

We’re sick and tired of politicians playing games with our health and our lives: tell your Representative to protect middle-class women and their families by opposing any legislation that undermines the health care law’s provisions that make health coverage more affordable.

This vote won’t be the last, either: we know that they will continue to try to weaken the health care law, and we’re counting on you to help us continue to fight back.

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