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Priorities. This amigos and amigas changes with each season of life. When we're younger, we want to be the center of el universo. In our teen years, we want to be heard.  In our early twenties, we want to be accomplished young women.  Then comes amor, marriage, kids and all in all... life. Sometime, not in this order! When I became a mama, my priorities changed.  I no longer thought of my husband, and then me. It was our hijo, then the rest of the world.  I was working. My husband was working.  Life in our home was great.  Then came more changes.

With the loss of a Job for my husband, and 2 kids later, priorities shifted drastically.  I left my work in the medical field, to take care of the three kids. With that wonderful change,  I also left behind medical benefits. Soon, my husband started a new job. I was still able to keep the kids insured. My husband and I- not so much.

For 5 years now, my husband and I have not had any type of medical insurance. The kids are fine.  Covered by a great insurance. Thank goodness, because my 5yo is making great use of it.  When he was 3, he broke his wrist. Just 4 months ago, we was in the hospital with pneumonia, only later to be diagnosed with Asthma.

In the 5 years that we haven't had medical insurance, I have had 2 medical emergencies. I was born with a congenial heart defect, and a couple of years ago, I had a cardiac episode that scared me enough to go to the ER.   Total cost: $5,609.12.  I am supposed to have regular check-ups every year.  Obviously, I haven't had one in a long time.

2 years ago, I had a bout with Bell's Palsy. Total Cost: $8,532.89.  Follow up visits were never scheduled.

My husband, believe it or not, works for a well know government agency. Under contract. Which means no benefits. Why not apply for Medi-cal? We don't qualify. If we choose to go with Medi-cal, we have a $2,500 monthly deductible. We fall in between that thin, fine line of not qualifying for anything. We either make too much for some programs, and others, not enough.  Paying for it out-of-pocket is outrages. Who has an additional $599.00 a month just for medical insurance.  Heck, we don't!  Many government agency and city workers fall here. I've heard of Firemen and Police officers, who are under contract, making lines to visit "free" clinics, because they no longer have the health coverage they once had. Imaginate?  Our heroes...the ones WE call for help in times of need, yet there is no help for them in theirs.

What my anticipation is holding off for, is the Health Care Reform.  If this should play out, the way the "Suits" in the casa blanca say it will, then Glory be to God. The new Affordable Care Act will greatly expand Medicaid eligibility and will subsidize the health care costs of middle class families like mine. Then perhaps we won't fall through that fine line anymore.

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