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UPDATE: The deadline for the special enrollment period at has been extended to August 15th! Help spread the word!

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Great news! The new American Rescue Plan is making health care coverage through and COBRA more affordable! This is huge! The Biden administration has now extended the special enrollment period for health care coverage at through August 15th so we have the chance to make sure everyone is able to get covered! The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us now, more than ever, how important it is to have good health care coverage. So far, more than 528,000 people have already enrolled during this special enrollment period, and there is still time left for everyone to get covered!

*Quick action: Sign up now to help get the word out about this Special Health Care Enrollment Period so people who need access to healthcare can get healthcare! 

When you sign up, we’ll send you a toolkit with everything you need to help spread the word about the open enrollment period happening now through August 15th.

This is important new info and we need YOU to help get the word out! On March 11th, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan (ARP) into law, a historic piece of legislation that will provide economic relief to millions of Americans. The ARP has several provisions that will directly impact how consumers access health coverage:

  • It greatly increases the generosity of subsidies available to consumers who enroll in marketplace coverage—which means people who already have coverage through should also look to see if they can access more savings!
  • It allows uninsured individuals who receive unemployment benefits to access the most generous subsidies, regardless of income.
  • It fully subsidizes COBRA coverage in some cases.
  • And it exempts consumers from paying back owed subsidies at tax time.

This is a huge deal! The American Rescue Plan is the biggest step toward making health care coverage more affordable in more than a decade! Under the previous administration, funding aimed to inform uninsured people about health insurance options was cut and the number of uninsured people increased. So, it is crucial that this new health care enrollment period under President Biden is being accompanied by a massive increase in funding to make sure people know about their new insurance options and how to sign up for coverage. We need YOU to help spread the word.

A few key details about the special health care enrollment period:

  • A new health care enrollment period in states will end on August 15.
  • If enrolled in health care coverage during the last open enrollment period, you should check back to see if you can access more savings (or if you want to change plans)!
  • You do NOT need to show a loss of health care coverage, or other major life change that is normally required to sign up outside the annual open enrollment period. (If you are uninsured, you should check out your options at right now!)

*Sign up now! Take action and help get the word out about open enrollment for health care at so people who need healthcare can get healthcare.

We need your voice! The coverage offered at is comprehensive, and might be more affordable than you think - nearly 9 in 10 people who shop for coverage at qualify for financial help to cover monthly costs, and over 4 million people qualify for a $0/month bronze plan.

Whether you recently lost health care coverage during the pandemic, or if you’ve been uninsured for a long time, you should take this opportunity to visit to see if you are eligible for low-cost coverage. We also need YOU to help spread the word about new health care coverage options on!

*Sign on now to help spread the word about open enrollment so everyone who needs health care coverage can get health care coverage!

Feeling stuck about your own coverage? Free, expert health care enrollment help is also available in every state. Consumers who are interested in getting covered but have questions or need help enrolling, can visit to schedule an appointment with an expert in their area.

Studies show that family (moms!) and friends are among the most trusted sources for information—and that people trust moms as much as doctors, for information about health coverage options. [So, your voice matters!

You can also learn more about how to access the benefits of the American Rescue Plan here.

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