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Today is Tax Day! After you rush off to the mailbox to send in your taxes we need you to take a quick but important action. 

***Sign our letter to tell Congress to make sure billionaires pay their fair share in taxes AND extend the monthly Child Tax Credit checks!

Today is the perfect day to remind Congress what they must do to lift up families and create a brighter future for our children and economy! What do taxes have to do with that? Everything! 

We are moving full steam ahead on making sure our elected leaders pass high-quality, affordable childcare and pre-K, maternal health programs, nutrition supports, home- and community-based services, and paid leave for all. But all of that takes $$$. That’s why it’s a perfect time to make sure the wealthy and mega-corporations are paying their fair share!

America’s billionaires have grown $2.1 trillion richer during the pandemic, their collective fortune skyrocketing by 70%. [1] Meanwhile, moms are being forced to quit their jobs because they can’t afford childcare and 1 in 7 households with children are struggling to put food on the table. [2] Congress must tax billionaires once and for all and use that money to fund programs that lift up our families and struggling communities. 

***Add your quick signature to our letter to Congress calling on them to #TaxBillionaires in the next economic reconciliation package!

What else do our families need? For Congress to take action immediately to extend the monthly Child Tax Credit checks! 

This is the fourth month that our families are missing the monthly Child Tax Credit checks because Senate Republicans and Senator Joe Manchin blocked the extension of this critical program late last year. Meanwhile, I don’t have to tell you how necessary those monthly checks are to millions of families—especially as the cost of food, gas, diapers, formula, and other items go up and up! Inflation is costing families the equivalent of the lapsed CTC payments each month. A Moody’s Analytics analysis found that inflation is costing the average U.S. household an additional $296/month—the monthly CTC payments would offset that cost for most families if Congress were to extend it in the economic reconciliation package being debated in Congress right now. [3]

This is a no-brainer! An anti-poverty program that funnels money into our local economies and lifts up struggling families at a time when costs for goods and gas are rising AND can be up and running immediately if Congress takes action? Yes please!

SIGN our letter to Congress now and let’s make this happen! We are sending the letter up to your Senators and Representative later this week so make sure your signature is on it and that you share the action link with your friends and family:

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