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Make the Child Tax Credit Improvements Permanent
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Have I got exciting news for you! Starting on July 15th, you could be getting up to $300/month per child because of the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC)! [1]

While this will help many families this year and could help lift as many as 50% of families out of poverty this year (!!), all the great improvements that have been made to the Child Tax Credit will disappear after a year unless Congress takes immediate action to make these improvements permanent.  

***We need you to speak out NOW! Sign our letter calling on Congress to make the improvements to the Child Tax Credit permanent! 

Here’s what’s going on: Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, signed by President Biden in March, most families starting July 15th will be getting monthly payments to help raise their kids in the form of the Child Tax Credit. 

How much money?  For every child under the age of 6 you’ll get $300/month and for each child ages 6-17 you’ll get $250/month. 

Plus, now those of us who made little or no income in the past year will still be able to get the Child Tax Credit! [2]  That’s some serious cash that will do some serious good in helping our families make ends meet during this difficult time. 

But if Congress doesn’t take action soon, all the great improvements to the Child Tax Credit will go away. Which is why we need you to speak out! Please use your voice and sign our letter calling on Congress to make the improvements to the Child Tax Credit permanent! 

***Click here to sign on to our letter.

Right now we have an opportunity like no other! 

Leaders in Congress are building upon President Biden’s American Families Plan and moving a recovery package through Congress as we speak. Making the improvements to the Child Tax Credit permanent is a big priority for families so we need your signature (and those of your friends and family!) right now to apply the pressure needed to guarantee your Senators and Representative prioritize the CTC in the recovery package.


P.S. Do you have questions about the Child Tax Credit or are wondering how to apply to get it (you can get it even if you don’t normally file taxes or make little to no income!!)? Don’t worry…we have you covered. Just check out MomsRising’s one-stop shop for all things CTC:



[1] CNBC. “Monthly Child Tax Credit payments begin July 15. Here’s what parents need to know.

[2] MomsRising’s Child Tax Credit page

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