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When the going gets tough, the tough (that's us!) get going. And, infuriatingly, because of developments in Congress late last week, it just got tougher for families struggling with job loss.

In last minute surprise maneuvers, members of the House of Representatives passed a scaled back jobs bill that dropped key supports for families who have lost jobs in this recession: Congress cut subsidies for COBRA healthcare coverage, as well as cut federal assistance to states which are struggling to pay for growing numbers of families who need help through Medicaid to obtain healthcare.

The bill is now moving to the Senate and we expect them to take action on or shortly after June 7th, but... we need to ask them to put these critical components back into the bill before they vote on it!

Tell the Senate to show they're in touch with the millions of Americans who've lost jobs in this recession by passing a bill that includes these important components for families!

What's the scoop?

Some in Congress are claiming that we can't afford these critical programs for families who have lost jobs in this recession. Some are even arguing that we need to inflict even more economic hardship on unemployed families in order to get them to go back to work! [1]

But without enough jobs available, people simply can't find jobs even when they are desperate to work. [2] It's clear that one of the biggest deficit threats we are facing right now is the giant deficit of jobs which is dragging down our nascent economic recovery by suppressing consumer spending and destabilizing property values, and is threatening the viability of families and communities. [3]

Abandoning families who are struggling to find work will only worsen our economic woes.

Without fiscal relief, states will have to cut critical services for families and lay off more state employees, like teachers and firefighters, creating a downward spiral of unemployment in communities.

Until all of our families are on their feet again, we are all at risk.

Tell your Senators to do the right and fiscally responsible thing by moving quickly to pass a jobs bill that extends COBRA subsidies and fiscal relief to the states.

Thank you for your work on behalf of America's families!

[1] National Employment Law Project; Krugman, Paul, The Pain Caucus, May 30, 2010

[2] Though hiring increased for a third straight month in April, the unemployment rate actually increased to 9.9% because the number of people needing work still grew faster than jobs. The Real Deficit Crisis: Jobs. The Huffington Post, May 7, 2010

[3] The Real Deficit Crisis: Jobs. The Huffington Post, May 7, 2010

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