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It's November and the holidays are fast approaching. But will out of work families be left out in the cold?  On November 30, federal unemployment insurance is set to expire.  Yet millions of families are relying on extended federal unemployment insurance to stay afloat financially.

MomsRising members themselves have shared story after story about the critical need at this moment to stand up for these families-- their own families-- now. To keep the spotlight shining on the need for extending unemployment insurance, MomsRising, the National Employment Law Project and are hosting coordinated Unemployment Insurance Blog Carnivals/Blog-a-Thons today.  Mom bloggers, policy analysts and many others are sharing personal stories, compelling data and resources.

Take a moment  to check out the links below to read these wonderful posts from parents, policy experts, and other opinion leaders.  *Then be sure to leave your own story, thoughts, or link to your own blogpost in the comments below! Together, we can raise our voices to make sure no family gets left out in the cold this winter.

Let's Count Our Blessings But Help Our Neighbor, Luz Villafana

Families Like Ours Need Help, Elisanta Batista

Stephen King, Can You Write About Unemployment Insurance?, Donna Norton

There is Nothing Like This, But I Have Faith, "Tigger"

While Congress Debates Tax Cuts for Millionaires, Emergency Unemployment Benefits Could Expire for Millions of Jobless Workers, Thao Nguyen

Families of the Recession: What the Unemployment Rate Means for Kids, Megan Curran

Will Congress Be the Grinch that Stole Christmas?, Elizabeth Lower-Basch

What if You Had One Unemployment Check Left?, Eve Tahmincioglu

Lame Duck Congress: Help American Families Today, Don't Let Unemployment Benefits Expire, Linda Meric

Let's Help Parents - and our Schools - on Parents' Day, Lily Eskelsen

Unemployment Insurance in the 1930s and today, Michael J. Wilson

Let's Not Leave Workers in the Cold This Holiday Season, Kety Esquivel

Animation: How Unemployment Insurance Helps Families and the Economy

Once More Unto the Breach for Unemployment Aid, Working Families' Main Street

The Goat Rope, Rick Wilson

Jobs Report Highlights Need to Continue Expanded Unemployment Benefits, Laid Off, Left Out

Jobs Scarce: Where Will the Unemployed Turn?, Deacon's Blog

Research Desk responds: Is unemployment insurance stimulative?, Ezra Klein

7 Shocking Facts About Minority Unemployment, Nicole Hardesty

Failure To Reauthorize Unemployment Benefits Will Hurt Economy, Say Economists, Arthur Delaney

Millions Face Bleak Winter When Jobless Aid Ends Nov. 30, Mike Hall

No extension of jobless benefits would be 'catastrophic,' state official says, Brian Tumulty

200,000 New Yorkers will lose unemployment benefits soon unless Congress acts, Naomi Cohn

ARRA Has Been an Economic Lifeboat, Randy Albelda

Economic Justice for Women is Integral to Economic Justice for All, Kate Kahan

Extending Unemployment Insurance Safety Net to Victims of Domestic Violence, Legal Momentum

Unemployed-Unemployment, ChefBearden

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