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You were heard on Capitol Hill! All your phone calls, signatures, letters, stories, and outcries were heard and the Republican government shutdown was stopped at the last minute! [1]

But our work isn’t over! Congress now only has 45 days to pass a budget and we still need to speak out because the Republicans in the House of Representatives are still planning to force through massive cuts to programs that lift our families and economy.

***SIGN our letter now to Republican leaders in Congress saying: “Enough antics! Pass a budget that lifts up our families and economy now!” (When you click on this link you will be automatically signed on to our letter to Congress if we already have your information.)

Here’s what’s going on: This past weekend was drama, drama, drama! After weeks of U.S. House Republicans infighting, raising the stakes on the types of harmful cuts they wanted to enforce, and shifting their rhetoric to anti-immigrant policies, Speaker Kevin McCarthy agreed at the last minute with the Democrats in Congress to pass a short-term stop gap measure (called a Continuing Resolution) to keep the government open and funded for just 45 days. Thank God the Democrats were there to act as the adults in the room amirite!?

Nearly HALF of all Republicans still voted against the Continuing Resolution—aka they voted to shut down the government and hurt our economy, take away pay checks from 2 million government workers, 2 million members of the military, and put in crisis programs like WIC and veterans programs. [2] And right now they're only funding the government for 45 days….so if a budget isn’t passed by November 17th the government is at risk of shutting down again!

This doesn’t change the fact that the U.S. House Republicans have so far put forth purely partisan spending bills that slash funding for programs our families need to build a good life, and that our economy needs to grow – everything from nutrition assistance like WIC, to child care assistance, K-12 education funding to funding for the IRS to collect taxes from the wealthy. Also over the past few months all of their proposals includes harmful anti-immigrant, anti-abortion, anti-education, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-environment language such as making abortion illegal nationally, slashing climate crisis funding, and opening up discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. [3]

A government shutdown is NOT the answer, but neither is the Republican budget proposal. Moms, families, workers, and caregivers need Congress to get to work passing a budget that lifts up our families and our economy by funding vital programs like WIC, SNAP, child care assistance, Head Start, community health centers, maternal health programs, K-12 education, and many others.

***SIGN our letter now telling Congress—and especially House Republicans–to get to work passing a budget that lifts all families and our economy! (When you click on this link you will be automatically signed on to our letter to Congress if we already have your information.)

Congress has 45 days to make this right and they need to hear from you now! Sign our letter now! When you click on this link you will be automatically signed on to our letter to Congress if we already have your information. Our letter says:

Dear Member of Congress,

A government shutdown is NOT the answer – and neither is passing a budget that slashes funding, harms our economy, and hurts families. It’s time to pass a budget immediately that funds our government and lifts up and supports our families, children, schools, businesses, and economy.

This includes fully funding WIC, protecting K-12 education and maternal health care funding, protecting immigrant families, and investing in the child care crisis by funding CDBDG, Head Start, and avoiding the child care cliff.

MomsRising will be sending this letter to Congress later this week, so make sure to add your signature and share this email with your friends and family (you also can post the action page link to social media).

This past weekend showed once again how powerful our voice can be!

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