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If you care about your kids future, I bet you care about global warming too. And with good reason: our kids are going to be in hot water unless we do something quick.

Good thing we've finally got a President that really gets it – like really gets it. In fact, just a few months after that historic day when he took office, his administration issued some proposed new rules about global warming pollutants. The EPA is about to declare that greenhouse gas emissions are hazardous to our health and our environment. This is a huge step. If these proposed rules turn into the real thing, polluters can be told to stop polluting so much – and that will require them to innovate, to find new ways to create energy, to find ways to use less energy, to create lots of jobs, and to be a part of making our air cleaner and healthier for our kids.

Next Thursday, May 21, Seattle is host to an all day hearing - one of only two in the nation – to hear public comment on the proposed rules. The hearing is at the Bell Harbor Conference Center on the Seattle waterfront. The public response to the hearings has been overwhelming according to an EPA staffer. They have so many people who want to testify they don't quite know what to do with them all. The hearing may go past midnight.

Polite people that we are, Northwesterners are welcoming the EPA to town with a huge rally at NOON on the 21st. Busloads will be coming up from Oregon, local musician John Roderick from Long Winters will join us along with business leaders, faith leaders, the national president of Physicians for Social Responsibility, a passionate student leader, Green for All’s new CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, plus a brand new MOM!

We plan to kick the rally off with kids (and their parents if necessary) on the stage just to highlight who all is this is really for anyway. We are expecting thousands of people who are ready to show the nation that we want action on climate now.

Here are details:

Rally for the Climate

Thursday May 21st, Noon
Seattle’s Downtown Waterfront, Pier 66

Come early to get your kids onstage.

More here:

Can’t come? Be sure to send in written comments:

Our kids are counting on us. Don’t let ‘em down.

Beth Doglio is the Campaign Director for Climate Solutions, a Northwest regional organization working on practical and profitable solutions to global warming and a sponsor of the rally. She is the mom of two boys ages ten and five.

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