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We're making great progress in the fight for paid sick days in Connecticut. Join our efforts today to ensure paid sick days for all becomes a reality in Connecticut.

Why bring paid sick days to Connecticut?

  • • Roughly 44% of working people in Connecticut don't get a single paid sick day all year long (1). Among low wage workers, that figure rises to more than 75%.
  • • Only 20% of food service workers have sick days. Childcare, retail, and nursing workers are also less likely to have paid sick days
  • • Connecticut workers deserve the opportunity to earn a minimum standard of paid sick days to take care of themselves or a family member when illness strikes. No one should have to choose between losing a day of pay and taking time to address a health care issue.
  • • Almost 70% of surveyed Connecticut residents report being strongly in favor of a law that would ensure a minimum standard of paid sick days for all working people in the state.

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Inspiring Member!

One of our members in Connecticut, Judi Rozarie, contacted her legislators about working to bring paid sick days to her state. She received this response from one of the legislators:

"Thank you for your e-mail. I appreciate that you wrote me with your comments on this matter. The current deficit facing CT is significantly serious and will place a burden on all businesses in the state. This is not the time to place mandates on businesses that are currently having difficulty staying profitable."

Judi wasn't going to let that stop her! She stuck to her guns and responded with this fantastic message:

"Dear Representative ___,

While I am well aware of the current financial straits (I will be laid off on January 2nd, 2010), I have had enough. I spent 9 years working in an elementary school in Stratford, and saw this issue first hand, nearly daily. Supervisors would not allow people to leave work to pick up sick children, then would dock the parents for leaving. We had to send children to the hospital in an ambulance with the principal of the school at times because a parent could not afford to lose a day's pay (yes, a whole day's pay would be docked in some businesses). It has been my experience (as an administrator of a college, managing employees) that people work harder, and give more when they know their manager respects "family first". Businesses are hiding behind "It's only business". I do not appreciate your response. As a parent of three adult children, I am glad I was able to take paid sick days (I have taken, in the past 15 years, 7 sick days). I sent you this message for all those who cannot do so."

Way to go, Judi! Thanks for sharing your story. 

About this campaign:

Our members in Connecticut have been creative in advocating for Paid Sick Days in their state. members, along with our partners in the Working Families Party, delivered Apple Grams (a healthy apple adorned with a message about paid sick days) to their legislators. Connecticut members also wowed the Legislature with a Power of ONEsie display.

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