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Ohio, like every other state in the nation, has no law allowing workers to earn paid sick days to protect public health. A startling example of why this is so important occurred in April:

A Chipotle Restaurant in Kent closed its doors after people who ate there became ill. A total of 432 people have been affected so far and investigators have collected enough information to suspect that a norovirus brought to work by a sick employee may be the cause. Chipotle was quick to point the finger at a sick employee too: it reopened on Saturday with employees from other store locations, reportedly because of concern that a sick employee might be the source of the outbreak.

But, in the food-service industry especially, why on earth would a sick employee be working?Here's why: Chipotle, like most restaurants, doesn't offer paid sick days to its hourly employees. Not a single one. In fact, 86% of service sector workers don't have paid sick days.

About the Ohio Campaign and Legislation:

Right now, the Ohio State Legislature has the opportunity to do something about this problem--protecting public health by passing the Ohio Healthy Families Act, HB536, requiring employers to allow their workers to earn paid sick days. (See details of the bill and how it works below.)

About the Ohio Healthy Families Act

Employers would be required to allow their full-time employees to accrue at least 7 days of paid sick time per year (and a pro-rated amount for part-time employees).

Sick time can be used when you, your parent, your spouse, or your child (this includes biological, adopted, step-, or in-law parents and children). Need to take time off of work for the following reasons:

*physical or mental illness, injury or medical condition

*obtaining professional medical diagnosis or care

*preventive medical care (like an annual physical).

Our partners: Ohioans for Healthy Families

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