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Toy Story. Disney Princesses. Dangerous toxic chemicals. One of these things is not like the others, right? Wrong.

A new study by the Breast Cancer Fund shows that the dangerous toxic chemical BPA appears in a wide variety of canned foods specifically marketed towards kids like Campbell's Disney Princess Cool Shapes Pasta with Chicken in Chicken Broth and Campbell's Toy Story Fun Shapes noodles. [1] Even seemingly healthy brands like Annie's Homegrown and Earth's Best Organic are on the list of canned kids foods featuring a chemicals linked to breast cancer, obesity, prostate cancer, learning disabilities, infertility, and more! [2]

Tell Campbell Soup Company, Con Agra (maker of Chef Boyardee), Annie's Homegrown and Hain Celestial (maker of Earth's Best) to stop marketing BPA to kids.

In their new report, BPA in Kids' Canned Foods, the Breast Cancer Fund has discovered BPA in six popular canned foods marketed directly to kids.[3] BPA leaches from the lining of cans into canned foods. Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of hormone-disrupting chemicals like BPA because of their small size and developmental stage. Lab studies have linked early life exposures to toxic chemicals to later-life breast cancer risk, as well as early puberty in girls. [4] So what is it doing in foods being marketed directly towards our kids?

Are you outraged? So are we. Join us in telling these top canned goods manufacturers to stop peddling the dangerous toxic chemical BPA to our kids.

Together, we can help make this a safer, healthier place for our families!

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