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One of my favorite quotes relating to environmental health is this:

It's true. One thing every human being has in common is that we all grew in our mother's bodies. Our mother's womb is the place we first existed and we relied on her (and her body) for nourishment and safety.

But what if, unbeknownst to her, the products she touched and used - common items like shampoo, body lotion and even the very toys she purchased during pregnancy to prepare for our arrival were emitting toxic chemicals that could pass through her umbilical cord into us?

That is the harsh, startling reality these days. Babies today are born with more than 200 chemicals in their bodies. TWO HUNDRED. How is this happening? Why isn't there more of an outcry from the public? Why doesn't the government do more to protect us?

I'm a mom myself so I think part of why some parents get put off by this topic is that it's incredibly overwhelming to consider that the majority of products we purchase for our families haven't undergone any safety testing. It's easier not to think about that. It's scary to accept the truth that because of this lack of regulation, our children, whom we love more than anything else in this world, may be in harm’s way.

I encourage you not to let that those feelings stop you from taking action. Take just one minute of your time to celebrate Earth Day by finding out what's happening locally in your state around this issue. If you live in Connecticut like I do, consider raising your voice in support of S.B. 126, AAC Children's Exposure to Chemicals. Companies shouldn't be allowed to just use whatever chemicals they want without first showing those chemicals are safe. 

For your children, grandchildren and for the health of future generations, let's get toxic chemicals out of consumer products, for good.

For more information about the CT Campaign for Toxic-Free Kids click here.

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