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In New Jersey, a broad coalition of organizations including MomsRising is in the final stages of passing Family Leave Insurance. This is terrific news that has important national implications.

New Jersey is at the forefront of a national trend toward providing more family-friendly solutions to the challenges of balancing work and family obligations. Almost every other country in the world has a program that provides paid leave to new parents, but not the United States. As a result, families here are struggling to make ends meet, and to find the time and resources to support loved ones.

Family Leave Insurance is a big step toward helping the U.S. catch up with the rest of the world. The work we are doing in New Jersey is a big deal, not just for New Jersey families, but for the entire nation. States are often the first to adopt new ideas, with other states and federal law following behind. New Jersey is pushing a national trend forward, and you are a part of that. How amazing is that?

Our next step is a vote by the full Assembly this Thursday, March 13th, then on to the Governor who has vowed to sign the bill into law.

But, we can't rest on our laurels yet. The Assembly vote this Thursday won't be easy. Each and every one of the Assemblymembers needs to hear from you, right now, that you want them to make New Jersey the proud 3rd state in the country to offer Family Leave Insurance.

Send a quick note to the Assembly now!

Margaret, a MomsRising member, testified for the Family Leave Insurance bill yesterday. Here's what she said to me about her experience:

I've often felt, as many of my friends do, that one person doesn't matter, that one person can't make a difference. But that's not true...[working on paid family leave in NJ, it] really hit home that legislators do need to hear from constituents--by e-mail, phone, snail mail, it doesn't matter how. It clearly makes them nervous to take a stand without hearing from people in their district. In the past, I've often ignored appeals to call or write, but I won't any more. I've seen what a difference it makes.

Let's keep those successes a-comin' and pass this bill off the Assembly floor this Thursday! Email them today:

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