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This Sunday, as I celebrated my first Mother’s Day as a mom, I was reminded of the importance of a healthy family. 

As moms, we set a foundation for our families – whether it’s putting on the sunscreen or scheduling check-ups – we set the example for our children.

One reason I worked so hard to pass the Affordable Care Act is to empower moms and their children.

Thanks to the healthcare reform law, women will no longer be excluded from insurance for pre-existing conditions, pay higher premiums than men, or forced to pay sky-rocketing out-of-pocket costs for basic health services like preventive screenings and maternity coverage.

As a working mom, I know how easy it is to put our own health on the back burner behind work, family, or school.

Mother’s Day marked the beginning of National Women’s Health Week, a time to encourage women to make their health a top priority and recommit to improving the health of women for generations to come.  This year’s theme is, “It’s Your Time.”

I hope this week you encourage yourself, or a sister, daughter, or friend, to make health a top priority. 

Women’s health is not just a women’s issue.  When we have healthy moms, we encourage the vitality of our children and our communities.

 Congresswoman Linda T. Sánchez represents the 39th Congressional District of California.

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