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In the wake of the Delta Airlines anti-nursing discrimination incident, I was very unhappy to learn today that we are about to lose one of our only public images of a nursing mother. The Sacagawea coin is going to be retired next year and replaced by conventional designs of U. S. Presidents.

Does anyone else share my feeling that losing the Sacagawea dollar is a real shame--a cultural loss that we should raise a ruckus to defend?

I wrote more about this story over on my Mojo Mom blog.

Update: Looks like the Sacagawea coin may stay in production, along with the new Presidential designs, according to The New York Times. I don't know how much of my "political capital" I would have spent to try to save the Sacagawea dollar, but after the blow from Delta Airlines last week, the thought of losing the coin's positive public display of motherhood really did feel like insult piled on top of injury.

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