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Before the Affordable Care Act, it was difficult for many members of my family to obtain coverage due to “pre-existing conditions.”

Our family’s medical history includes our father's death due to a heart attack and stroke in 1990. Alzheimer’s disease is present in both our mother's side and father's side -- with three grandparents currently suffering from the disease. Also present in our medical records is arthritis in several aunts. Many private health insurance companies did not want to give us health care coverage.

But thanks to ACA and the Healthy San Francisco health care program, my maternal grandparents have been able to get the health care that they need. Also, my brother and sister-in-law were able to receive prenatal care while they were awaiting the birth of my niece.

My niece is now turning one year old in April, and it is because of her parents’ love and health care coverage that she has a bright future ahead of her. ACA has helped many families, including mine.

Jose Ricardo Bondoc lives in San Francisco, California.

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