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Today is the day we SHOW UP! 

There are too many families depending on us. This is our chance to tell Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase to stop financing Geo Group and and CoreCivic, two of the largest for-profit prison and detention corporations, that are profiting off taking parents away from children and putting families behind bars. These banks need to know that this is NOT okay with us as consumers or as people living in this nation. 

Whether it’s on your way to dropping the kids off at school or on your lunch break, your delivery of the letter provided and a bedtime item if you have one (like a baby blanket or bedtime stories to symbolize sleeping kids) will help ensure the message is heard loud and clear: Say NO to family imprisonment!

Just in case you need it again, below is a step-by-step of everything you can do TODAY, September 26th, for your visit to a Wells Fargo or JPMorgan Chase bank to speak out on family imprisonment:

  • Set aside a short amount of time on Sept. 26th to drop off a letter and a small item representing a child’s bedtime at a local bank branch of Wells Fargo or JPMorgan Chase.
  • If you’d like, find a small item that represents a child’s bedtime like a blankie, stuffed animal, pacifier, onesie, or footed pajamas that you can drop off along with the letter to a local bank branch.
  • On September 26th, at any time during business hours, drive or walk to the local bank branch that you chose for your delivery (feel free to bring friends!) and drop off your letter and child’s sleep item to the bank teller or other bank branch staff, using this script (which you may also want to print and bring with you so you have it handy):

“Hi, I live in this community -- and I am a customer [if you are]. 

“I’m here today to deliver this letter and small item to your bank manager urging your bank to stop financing Geo Group and Core Civic, two of the largest for profit prison and detention corporations that are profiting off taking parents  away from children and putting parents and families behind bars. 

“This letter is signed by organizations representing millions of people like me and people across the country are delivering letters, along with an item representing children, to banks in their communities and also at the corporate headquarters.  Please share this with your branch manager. Thank you.”

  • As you go into the bank branch, make sure to take a picture of yourself by the bank sign with your letter & use the hashtag #FamiliesBelongTogether to post it on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Also, email us at to tell us how it went and to share your picture if you took one.  Thank you!

That’s it! Thank you for raising your voice at this critical time!

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