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This is the story of Elena Hung, longtime MomsRising supporter and co-founder of Little Lobbyists, an organization advocating for kids with complex medical needs and disabilities.***

I am Elena and I am a mom to two amazing kids who are the joy of my life.

My daughter, Xiomara, was born with chronic medical conditions that affect her lungs, heart and kidneys. Her name — Xiomara — means “ready for battle.” She was born a fighter and taught me how to fight.

Healthcare is the single most important issue to families like mine. I am terrified of what losing healthcare would mean to my daughter, and the millions of other children with complex medical needs.

I’m a proud member of MomsRising because together — you, me and moms and dads all over America — we’re fighting to keep the healthcare that protects the most vulnerable among us, including our children.

Your gift today will help MomsRising be ready for battle for the issues that matter most to families — healthcare, gun safety, reproductive rights, equal pay for equal work, and so much more.

When you contribute, a sister MomsRising donor will DOUBLE your donation, giving you 2X the power to help women, moms and families rise.

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The first time I heard about MomsRising was a health care event in the summer of 2017 where kids were encouraged to wear superhero capes to Capitol Hill. I absolutely loved the visual of these amazing children taking over the government, a place where kids are rarely seen but where laws affecting their lives are made every single day.

I decided right then and there that I wanted to get involved with MomsRising.

I had just started my own organization at that time. Little Lobbyists is a family-led group advocating for kids with complex medical needs and disabilities, like Xiomara.

I believe in collaboration and partnership. As I was becoming a public advocate myself, I wanted to work with others who had been doing this work for some time. While I had much to contribute, I also had much to learn.

I found that in MomsRising. I really connected with the fact that we are moms (and dads) who just want a better world for our kids and are speaking up about it.

I hope you consider a contribution to this amazing organization today. I know your gift will make a difference.

Keep Rising, and fight like a mom.

Because when moms rise, BIG things happen.

With love,
Elena Hung
Mom of Xiomara
Co-founder and Executive Director, Little Lobbyists

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