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Sign up to drop by the local offices of your members of Congress and ask them to stand with 800,000 DREAMers!

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We have an urgent matter for you! Every week, more than 850 DREAMers, (young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children and were raised here), have been losing their legal status -- the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, (DACA) -- and with it their protections and their ability to work, drive and attend college.[1]





You may have heard that on Tuesday, a U.S. District Judge in San Francisco placed a preliminary injunction, blocking the government’s termination of DACA.[2] This is only a temporary reprieve as we expect the Trump administration to appeal this decision. We can’t leave DREAMers in limbo. DREAMers need a permanent solution, not a drawn out legal fight. Congress needs to act. And they can act right now!


On January 19th, Congress will vote for spending bill, a bill that can include critical and much needed protections for DREAMers. Join us in making sure our legislators hear from us that we want them to pass urgently needed protections for DREAMers in the January 19th spending bill!

→ Are you able to drop by the local offices of your members of Congress to deliver fact sheets and family stories to show support for DREAMers? Let us know by clicking this link and we’ll send you the book and also email everything you need to make a powerful impact.

It’s easy! You don’t need to be an expert on immigration policy.  You just need to care about immigrants in your family, schools, workplaces, and community.

What’s happening?


On September 5th, the Trump administration revoked the legal status of 800,000 DREAMers that has allowed them to be able to work, go to school, and continue to contribute and live in the communities where they have grown up. [3]


Since then, MomsRising members like you have been speaking up on behalf of DREAMers and other immigrants and sharing their own personal stories with us. We have delivered your stories and petition signatures to every single member of Congress.


Your voices are making a difference and we are closer than we have ever been to passing legislation to permanently protect

DREAMers. Now we have a critical opportunity to pass a spending bill on January 19th that can include protections for DREAMers and other immigrants.  

Your members of Congress, whether Republican or Democrat, must know that including protections for DREAMers and other immigrants in the January 19th spending bill is a top priority for their constituents.  

→ Can you help us out by dropping by the local offices of your members of Congress? It’s easy! Just let us know, then we’ll snail mail you talking points and fact sheets, as well as, email you all the information you’ll need.

We all must speak up!  Removing 800,000 DREAMers from the workforce is not only immoral, but it also makes absolutely no economic sense! It will cost $433.4 billion in GDP loss over a decade. It will cost employers $3.4 billion in unnecessary turnover costs. Contributions to Medicare & Social Security will be cut by $24.6 billion over a decade. [4]


In addition to taking away the legal status of DREAMers, the Trump administration is ripping away Temporary Protected Status (TPS) status from hundreds of thousands of families and is preparing to send recipients to very dangerous situations, whether it's war in Sudan or post-hurricane devastation in Haiti.[5] The words at the base of our Statue of Liberty, welcoming the “tempest-tossed” to our shores, have in many ways defined our country. Now more than ever, we need to speak up and call on Congress to act immediately to make sure that they pass protections for immigrant young adults and families, including protecting the status of DREAMers and TPS recipients who are fleeing war, famine, a natural disaster, or an epidemic. 


Lawmakers thrive on contact from their constituents to gauge what people in their districts care about, which is why you dropping by in-person will make a strong impression. This is a critical time for them to hear from you about the need to stand up for immigrant young adults and families!

Please sign up to deliver our DREAMers and immigration fact sheets to help bring the voices of parents from across the country straight to Congressional offices.

Join us in calling on Congress to take immediate action to pass protections for DREAMers, to permanently protect TPS holders, and to move forward comprehensive immigration reform. The diversity of our nation is what makes us strong and prosperous; not the opposite.


The more people who make their voices heard, the bigger impact we can have. Please take a moment to forward this email to your friends and family and post this link on your Facebook and Twitter accounts: 



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