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Since Monday, more than 90,000 of our members have taken action, calling on the Department of Justice to take over Trayvon Martin's case, arrest his killer, and launch an independent investigation into the Sanford police department's initial mishandling of the case. The senseless killing of the 17-year-old boy has been a tragic reminder of the fears Black folks face every day in the U.S.

When our members sign ColorOfChange petitions, we ask them to share any thoughts they have about the issue. Today, we were so moved by the powerful and insightful comments, we wanted to share some of them here:   

As the mother of two African-American boys, I am bombarded with statistics and news stories that remind me of the endangered nature of my children. Why should my children fear walking through their neighborhoods simply because American society has given individuals a pass when it comes to brutality against Black boys/men? -Patricia P., North Plainfield, NJ 

It is outrageous and frightening that self-appointed armed militia are making decisions about who is "suspicious." My heart goes to this child's family. -- Laura A., Oakland, CA                                                                                                                       
... The so called investigation is deplorable and beneath what citizens and taxpayers expect from law enforcement. They are supposed to sworn to protect and serve ALL citizens. Witness tampering, leading witnesses, not taking blood samples, etc. Inexcusable, Unacceptable and borderline criminal coverup by local law enforcement investigators. -- Geoff A., CO 

My heart breaks for a country that sees children walking as a threat. Please find justice and closure for this family, and all of us who know and love a child. -- Angelique M., Somerville, MA

... I have my own horror stories to tell, including having my 24 year old accosted/fondled and humiliated by local law enforcement simply because he was driving a brand new car when he pulled into a hotel parking lot to join his friends who were here for the weekend. This is a 17 year old BOY, not yet a man. He will NEVER get an opportunity to be a man. All because someone saw him as a threat.... -- Billie M.' Gastoni, NC

This makes all black men prisoners in their homes. All my life my mother has always told me "be careful you know you are black" whenever I left my house or hers. I guess I will have to say the same to my children as well. -- Gary M.,  Kent, WA

This absolutely Breaks my Heart. I have a son who just turned 18 and everyday I worry about him making it to his 30th Birthday; because like so many other Mothers and Fathers of Black Male children you PRAY they are not accused, detained, incarcerated are even Killed because of the color of their skin and the Extreme Prejudiced of others. -- Amirah B., Desoto, TX

As a mother of a 14 year old Black boy, I stand with Trayvon's family in seeking justice. We can't allow Trayvon's murder to be in vein. There must be justice for Trayvon. These senseless killings of our Black boys must stop. These young men are our sons and brothers. They are somebody, and deserve justice. -- Damali R., Hayward, CA

If you haven't already signed the petition, please join us here and ask your friends and family to do the same. And as always, keep sharing your opinions. Your comments remind us that ColorOfChange is driven by thoughtful and powerful individuals.

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