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You can do it Massachusetts! A healthy workforce is within your reach. Here in Seattle, 40% of the workforce, over 190,000 people didn’t have access to a single day of sick leave until we passed the Seattle Paid Sick Days Ordinance this year. That meant many people had to choose between going to work sick or sending their kids to school sick, and losing a day’s pay or possibly their jobs. And the passage of this ordinance means that we're now on track to have a healthier city.

Before passage of the Seattle Sick Days Ordinance, workers passed illnesses on to their co-workers and children shared colds and the flu with classmates and teachers – a public health crisis.

As a community of business owners, customers, parents, educators and legislators, we in Seattle took a strong step in changing all of that.

This year the Seattle Coalition for a Healthy Workforce and our city council passed the Paid Sick Days Ordinance.

As a small business owner, I am really proud to have worked with MomsRising, the Main Street Alliance, unions, the Economic Opportunity Institute, the whole Seattle Coalition for a Healthy Workforce, and with elected officials to pass the Seattle Paid Sick Days Ordinance.

It was an honor to actually help write policy that became the basis of a new law.

I became involved with the paid sick days law because it resonated with me. I am the daughter of two working folks. I believe in working for the people and this policy is about the people.

Not only can paid sick days work for my business, I believe it is exactly the type of public policy that makes our community stronger. Ultimately, strong businesses need strong communities to thrive.

Small business owners: Don’t be afraid. Paid Sick Days is good for everyone!!

Makini Howell owns three restaurants and a commercial kitchen, and is the chef and co-owner of Plum Bistro in Seattle, WA.

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