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“All the differences of ideas that we have are negotiable. What is not negotiable is our souls. Politics is not the world for businessmen.” - Jose Mujica, President of Uruguay

In case you missed it, Donald Trump has committed to deporting 11 million hardworking migrants in the United States. Migrants who have suffered and endured the unbelievable to arrive here. Migrants, some of who have been separated from their children -- for over a decade! Refugees, who would have rather stayed in their country if it were not plagued by war, violence, fear and despair.


Jorge Ramos has been a trusted television journalist for decades -- respected all over the world. He has was won 8 Emmy Awards for excellence in journalism and has even moderated a U.S. Presidential Debate. In the U.S. Latino community, he is a source of pride for us and we have been familiar with his face and voice for many years.


Therefore, it should not have come to a surprise to Trump or his handlers, when Ramos attempted to do his job: Ask questions. "What will happen to these families with children that are citizens? Do you know that you cannot simply deny U.S.-born children citizenship?"


As a mother and MomsRising member who was born abroad, I have additional questions for Trump: Where is your humanity? What will happen to the mothers who return to their children back home empty-handed? What happens when they can't feed and clothe their children?


Migrant mothers are an unstoppable force. Willing to die, to endure sexual assault, many forms of abuse and exploitation, to shorten their mortality, to put food in the mouths of their loved ones. We contribute to this nation by being the backbones of our families, but also entire communities thousands of miles away.  

What valor, bravery, and courage in the face of hatred, xenophobia, and privilege!

As the years have progressed, our unwavering fighting roots have morphed into political grassroots movement throughout the United States magnifying our unstoppable struggle and triumph. To all who continue to fight for dignity, I say this: we have your backs. We will not tolerate the deportation and separation of families. We will not deny U.S.-born children the right to citizenship and equality. Like our American predecessors during the Ellis Island era, we will support immigrant families. We will house and educate and clothe them and treat them above all, like human beings. We at MomsRising assume everyone is born with it, and like Jorge Ramos, we all intend to continue fostering it.


To all the migrant mothers around the world fighting xenophobic rhetoric in your new homes: We are with you. We are behind you. We will not falter. Your life and those you've fought for are not negotiable.





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