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As we watch the news, coronavirus is showing up in more cities and states across the country. We have two actions related to coronavirus in this week's 5Actions. We need to make sure that once a vaccine is available, it's affordable for everyone. And, we also want to help make sure that those that are experiencing symptoms are able to take the time off they need and not risk income or losing their job. 

Thank you for taking action! 

1. Tell Congress: Pass Paid Sick Days for Coronavirus Prevention!

BACKGROUND: Public health experts are urging workers to stay home if they're sick in order to curb the spread of COVID-19, the coronavirus. But what about the 32 million people across the country that work but don’t have any paid sick days?

It’s this simple: paid sick days will help limit the spread of coronavirus outbreaks, but far too many people – many of them in the food service industry – don’t have access to any and can't afford to miss work!

>>> Tell your U.S. Members of Congress to pass a national standard for paid sick days to guarantee access to sick days for all workers to protect public health and family economic security – a boost for our economy.

2. Join MomsRising for a #KeepMarching online conversation with “Dying of Whiteness” bestselling author Dr. Jonathan Metzl

BACKGROUND: Why do so many people seem to take policy positions that only end up hurting themselves in the long-run? In his bestseller, Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment Is Killing America's Heartland, Dr. Jonathan M. Metzl provides answers, looking at:

Why many white Missourians want looser gun laws;
Why many white Tennesseans opposed expanding healthcare; and
Why many white Kansans agreed to dismantle a public education system that ranked among the best in the nation.

RSVP now for this powerful and illuminating conversation with Dr. Jonathan Metzl, Tuesday, March 10, 8 pm ET/5 pm PT.  

3. Quick signature: Big Pharma wants to profit off coronavirus.

BACKGROUND: Public, taxpayer dollars have led the way in developing treatments and vaccines for the coronavirus, but President Trump and Health and Human Services Secretary Azar are considering giving pharmaceutical corporations monopolies to sell them at whatever price maximizes profits.

Research and investment in treatments and vaccines funded with public dollars should not be handed over to private corporations with no guardrails so they can price gouge patients and rake in profits.

Quick signature: No monopoly for a coronavirus vaccine! #COVID19vaccine #COVID19 #NoMonopoly  

4. SIGN NOW: Speak out against making school meals less healthy!

BACKGROUND: In late January, the Trump Administration announced their latest federal rule that will have a huge impact on the health and well-being of our children—30 million students in 99,000 schools around the country. This time they want to greatly weaken the nutrition standards of meals served in schools across the country. More french fries, less carrots is not the way to go!

We want the Trump Administration to help us raise healthy children, not chip away at the hard fought for nutrition standards for school meals that parents around the country appreciate!

***SIGN OUR LETTER calling on the Trump Administration to support nutrition standards in school meals, not weaken them.

5. Survey: We want to hear from you about water!

BACKGROUND:  Do you have concerns about your child’s access to clean and safe water in their schools? Would you prefer that water is served at school meals rather than other drinks (juice, milk, soda etc.)? We want to hear from you! Water is a big issue--both the availability and the safety of it.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with MomsRising!

***SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS or concerns about access to clean water at your child's school

Thanks for all you do!   

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