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Learn a Toxin a Day to
Keep the Doctor Away

Blog Written By Dena Fleno at CT Working Moms

Understanding what toxins may be lurking  in products we use on ourselves and our families and what alternatives are out there either in the store or in your kitchen cabinet are important for Working Moms to know for several reasons:

  1. Companies care about a bottom line, not necessarily your family.  So to save time and/or money they use chemicals that are toxic to your health.  As a mom, you want to protect the ones you love from dangers, even the ones that hide in a soap bottle.  Also, your kids also need a healthy mom/parent who will be around for a long time, so it is important to take care of you too.
  2. There are lots of alternatives on the shelves, you just need to know what to look for on the label and what to avoid.
  3. You can look great, feel great, and spend more precious time with your kids!  Many of the natural alternatives I have described previously in this blog will save you time without scrimping on looking and feeling good about yourself.
  4. You CAN save money!  No need to go to those expensive natural food stores and stock up on expensive products.  You can put the money you save towards better things for your kids or family (or a special splurge for a hard-working mom)!

There are so many things we need to worry about that affects our health and that of our families.  You will not be able to eliminate everything, but if we can reduce some toxins we will all be better off in the long run!  So, that being said, for the next 12 days I will be highlighting a different toxin that lurks in many of the products on the shelves today. Check every day for the next 12 days to follow along!

Next Up: Toxin #1- Phthalates

About Dena:

Dena is the busy mom of a 6-year-old son and a 19 month old daughter. Her other job is working as a representative for a labor union. In her “free time” she enjoys a good book, a glass (or 3) of wine, cooking, and looking forward to the day she may finally be able to pee in peace. Her biggest hope in life is that she will produce two happy, healthy adults who will treat themselves and others with compassion and kindness

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