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Another Blow to Women

May 21, 2009
In January, President Obama made the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act the first bill he signed into law, reversing the effects of a devastating Supreme Court decision in the fair pay case, Ledbetter v. Goodyear. Just four months later, we’re faced with another deeply disappointing Supreme Court ruling that forces women to pay a high price today because their employers discriminated yesterday. This week’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling in AT&T Corp. v. Hulteen dealt a serious and painful blow to working women and the families who rely on their retirement benefits. The Court sided against a group of...
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We're # 1 - Not!

May 18, 2009
Written by Valerie Young, Your (Wo)man in Washington Blogger The United States has held on to 27th place in an index of 158 countries documenting conditions for mothers throughout the world. Mothers' education, access to health care, and economic status in each country were evaluated because they are the three factors most closely linked to the quality of children's lives. The underlying data is provided by governments, research institutions, and international agencies. To reach the entire post click here .
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On Being a Toxic Avenger

May 12, 2009
I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the campy, B-movie, The Toxic Avenger , but the plot line is eerily analogous to many modern moms. The movie in a nutshell: weakling janitor is taunted and falls into a vat of toxic waste, which turns him into a radioactive monster with superhuman strength who becomes a local crime fighter. Here’s the plot line for modern mom (particularly the special breed of moms that end up joining a community like MomsRising). Mom starts out as an “average” woman and gets pregnant which transforms her into a new life form with superhuman abilities who becomes an advocate...

Michelle Obama on Work-Life Balance

May 12, 2009
Cross-posted at MotherTalkers . Glad to see we have a first lady focused on the plight of working families. In a recent speech before corporate executives, Michelle Obama addressed the internal conflict faced by many working parents trying to have it all -- or simply make ends meet -- and why family-friendly practices in the workplace make good business sense. From the Washington Post : "During her 10-minute speech, Obama advocated for sick leave for parents, flexible work hours for employees and on-site child care, which she said 'is something that keeps many of us up at night....You're just...
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7 million views! The Mom of the Year video has officially gone viral. It's a national mom uprising!

May 10, 2009
Michelle Obama isn't the only one flexing her right to bare arms. The millions of women proclaiming their friends as Mom of the Year this past week is nothing short of a national mom uprising. This week 7 million people viewed the MomsRising Mother of the Year Award customizable video in honor of Mother's Day. You can watch the video at: Along with Beyonce, ponytail advice, and naked dogs, this video includes serious facts about mothers in the U.S. today. So in case you were too smitten by baby Joshy talking, and too distracted by watching...
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The Mother of All Strikes

May 9, 2009
These days between May day and Mothers’ day, it seems the perfect moment to suggest a little something for moms from the labor movement--a strike. That’s right, I want mothers everywhere to walk off the job, excepting single moms who are essential workers. For at least 24 hours, or as long as you can hold out, I want everyone to stop making breakfast-lunch-and-dinner and loading the dishwasher. Stop matchmaking socks without soul-mates. Stop combing tangles and playing lego. Sex is okay—and more enjoyable when you are released from the bondage of housework (and when your hands don’t smell...
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Celebrating Mother's Day around the Web! UPDATED!

May 9, 2009
Happy Mother's Day! Below is a list of blogs celebrating with our MomsRising Mother of the Year award. Despite our best efforts, this list isn't quite complete-- the video has gone viral, with over 2 million views and counting! Join the fun and check these out!! UPDATED 4x: over 12 million views and counting! Amazing! PunditMom BlogHer MojoMom Huffington Post Silicon Valley Moms Blog Urban Mamas MotherTalkers The Motherhood It's Not A Lecture MamaPhD ParentsWork Business and Professional Women Womenstake, Nat'l Women's Law Ctr Food For Thought ChristyTJ's blog BadLadies MyBrownBaby...
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Take Mom's Feet Out of the Ice Water

May 7, 2009
Americans are expected to spend nearly $16 billion this year on Mother’s Day celebrations. It’s an impressive outpouring of appreciation – and it’s also an aberration. The other 364 days of the year, American mothers are on their own, with profound consequences for public health. As an obstetrician, I see these consequences every day. When mom and baby leave the hospital Dad goes back to work, and older children get pulled from day care to save money. Saddled with responsibility for housework, older children and baby-care, mothers fight for even a few minutes to nurture their infants. Three-...

For Mother’s Day: Flowers, Chocolates – and Cervixes?

May 7, 2009
Seems strange to talk about cervical cancer on Mother’s Day? Well, imagine this. You’re 26 years old and you’re diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer. You think you’ve beaten it, but two short years later your cancer returns and you have to have a radical hysterectomy – along with painful chemotherapy and radiation – and your doctor tells you that you’ll never be able to bear your own children. This is what happened to me. So I think Mother’s Day seems like the perfect time to discuss how to protect your right to be a mom! I tell you all this because this Mother’s Day will have special...

Mother's Day video makes the NYT today! Watch & Send to Friends

May 5, 2009
Ever secretly imagined your name being celebrated on the front page of a newspaper as "Mom of the Year" as you click through online news sites while munching on a yummy snack? Your finger poised over the mouse, about to click the next new story, and you realize: Hey, I know that person! It's me! And in the whirl of congratulations with the announcement of your award, you find George Clooney asking for your lasagna recipe, Octomom getting jealous of your adoring fan club, and moms lining up for your how-to book before it's even written. Turns out with the miracles modern technology we can do...
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