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From Mayer to Maternity

July 31, 2012
Marissa Mayer, the new Yahoo CEO, unleashed a media firestorm when she announced that she was pregnant. Suddenly everyone had an opinion about her plan to take a few weeks of maternity leave and work throughout that time from home. It proved women could handle top jobs in Silicon Valley, some said...
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Marissa Mayer, Bus Drivers, and Riding a Horse Together

July 26, 2012
"Can I email you later? I'm in labor." In "Maternity Leave? More Like a Pause," a recent article in the New York Times , new mom and consulting firm partner Carmen, recalled sending the quote above as an email while she was in the delivery room, remarking "That...was a fun email to send." I admire...
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Working (Class) Maternity Leave: What Does Marissa Mayer’s Plan Mean for the Rest of Us?

July 25, 2012
Marissa Mayer’s appointment as Yahoo’s CEO is a double-edged sword. It is, on its face, a shot in the arm to the perception of workplace equality and at the same time a reminder of how far we have to go to reach fairness for mothers working outside the home. It is also a reminder that we need...
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Mothers Making Headlines

July 24, 2012
Marissa Mayer created a lot of buzz last week with her simultaneous announcement that she was selected as the new CEO of Yahoo and that she is expecting a baby in October. Coming on the heels of Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article about “having it all” in the Atlantic last month, this story is helping...
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"Working Maternity Leaves" Aren't the Solution

July 18, 2012
This blog was cross-posted from Womenstake , the National Women's Law Center's blog. On Monday, the news broke that a pregnant woman is now leading a Fortune 500 company—an important and exciting milestone. Before being appointed CEO of Yahoo this week, Marissa Mayer disclosed her pregnancy to...
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On the 10th Anniversary of Paid Family Leave, It’s Time More Workers Know About It

July 17, 2012
At any point in their lives, workers may need to take time off to care for either a new child or a sick family member. While we have state and federal laws to protect workers from losing their jobs or benefits when they take leave, the leave time is mostly unpaid. Unpaid leave hurts a family's...
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My Advice to Women Who Give Advice to Women

July 2, 2012
Cross-posted from The Huffington Post . By now, you’ve probably either read or read about Anne-Marie Slaughter’s Atlantic essay in which she recounts from personal experience why she believes women cannot “have it all” and calls on all of us to recognize the conditions that must change to make it...
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Take Action: Tell Congress Families Need Paid Family Leave!

June 25, 2012
Good news: We’re expecting! We’re expecting that Congress will soon receive a special delivery message from moms and dads that families need paid family leave! The "stork" (i.e. MomsRising moms) will be delivering thousands of signatures to our open letter to Congress on Tuesday, July 10th. Have...
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Slaughter versus Sandberg: Both Right

June 23, 2012
First, thanks to Anne-Marie Slaughter for peeling the band-aid off an open wound of American womanhood. It’s our dirty little secret: balancing work and family is still impossible for elite American women because of the way we structure work, family, love, marriage, careers, masculinity, and...
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In Sickness and in Health? LGBT New Yorkers Need Family Leave Insurance

June 22, 2012
In the year that has passed since Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law the New York Marriage Equality Act, thousands of same-sex couples have vowed to take each other "in sickness and in health." Yet because of discriminatory and inadequate federal laws that deny LGBT spouses the protections...
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