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Taking Care of a Newborn IS Work!

August 23, 2011
Three weeks ago I “came back” to work. I say “came back” because for the previous 10 weeks I was at home taking care of a newborn and now I’m back at my full-time career. I love the saying, “every mother is a working mother.” Now that I’ve had the experience of being a first-time mother, I relate to that mantra more than ever. Anyone who claims stay-at-home moms aren’t working has clearly never had the experience of caring for an infant. Lillian was born at the end of May (an experience I will likely blog about) and since then I have learned a lot about baby care and just how much work taking...
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Bloomberg Case: Open Season to Discriminate Against Mothers?

August 23, 2011
Cross-posted from New Deal 2.0 . When Sekiko Garrison told former boss Michael Bloomberg she was pregnant, his answer was simple: "Kill it." Allowing mothers flexible work arrangements, he commented, was like allowing a man time off to practice his golf swing. The CEO who took over when Bloomberg left the company demanded that managers "get rid of these pregnant bitches" (referring to two women on maternity leave). The Head of Global Human Resources commented that mothers "belong at home" and that "women [do] not really [have] a place in the workforce." The Head of News commented that "half...
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Only one woman on the "Super Committee"? Ouch!

August 12, 2011
Only one woman on the "Super Committee"? Ouch! Here's the math: Women are 50.7% of our population, only 17% of Congress, and an appallingly low 8% of the Super Committee . This lack of representation on the debt ceiling Super Committee which is charged with cutting $1.5 trillion from the federal budget is pathetic, particularly given that critical programs---like Medicaid, Medicare, child care, education, food assistance, and Social Security--which have the biggest impacts on women and families are at stake. The solutions that come out of the Super Committee need to reflect the needs of Main...
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Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week! A MomsRising blog-a-thon

August 3, 2011
Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world. But that doesn't always mean that it's easy or that there's no learning curve. Many mothers need a lot of support from friends, family and employers to start and continue breastfeeding exclusively for at least 6 months as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and to keep breastfeeding (and/or pumping) for at least a year. Today, most new mothers don't have the support they have had in the past from mothers, aunts and grandmothers who could help them get started and weather any bumps in the road. At the same time, we face new...
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Breastfeeding – Making It Work

August 3, 2011
My son was born last year. Luckily, we had no trouble with the big latch on. I savored every moment of bonding with him as he nursed. Three months after his birth, I returned to work. And then the trouble began. I grudgingly adopted my Medela Pump in Style. But the little one didn’t want anything to do with the bottles of “expressed” milk. Fearing a hunger strike, my husband, mother and father experimented with droppers and spoons – anything that would keep the boy nourished till mommy came home. Meanwhile, at work, I learned to accept my new mechanical relationship with tedious breast...
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Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week: A Time to Engage Employers in the Breastfeeding Dialogue

August 3, 2011
As we celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, 170 countries will be taking part in activities to raise awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding to maternal and infant health around the world. This year’s theme is “ Talk to Me! Breastfeeding—a 3 D Experience ,” and focuses on using communication to break down barriers and to encourage sectors outside the health care field to participate in the breastfeeding dialogue. The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) has specifically chosen to engage youth as a valuable ally in increasing intergenerational communication about breastfeeding...

Connecticut Makes History - Progress for Working Mothers

July 7, 2011
Photo is of Michelle Noehren with her new baby Lillian and Connecticut Senator Edith Prague, one of the biggest champions of paid sick leave legislation. Blog originally posted at Connecticut has made history by passing the first law requiring companies to provide paid sick leave to their employees and this past Friday Governor Dannel Malloy signed the bill into law. It’s taken several years and many legislative battles to get here but I’m proud that my state is leading the way in implementing this very important workplace reform. As I’ve blogged about before ( Sandwich...
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Survey: 88% of Working Parents Suffer Stress-related Health Problems

June 20, 2011
Working parents have a lot to juggle, and this can create stress. But what we often overlook is that stress has real health consequences. Several weeks ago, I put together a survey * asking working parents about stress and its effects on their health. More than 600 people responded. I filtered out respondents who lived in a household with at least one stay-at-home adult, which left 560 respondents in households where all adults work . Their answers were alarming: 80% catch up on work nights and weekends 81% worry they will burn out 88% said they suffer from at least one stress-related health...
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US Dads Deserve to be Envious

June 19, 2011
Here's an op-ed on how dads in many other countries get paid paternity leave under law, and it pays off for businesses, economies, and families. But US dads get no guarantee of paid paternity or family leave under law. Published in the Houston Chronicle:
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What Do Working Dads Want For Father's Day? According to a New Report, They Want Family-Friendly Workplace Laws and Policies

June 16, 2011
“I want to be the dad who attends all the little league games and dance recitals, the dad who is there in the afternoon/evening to help with homework, the dad who sits down to dinner with his family every night. My current job does not allow for that to happen.” — media professional and father of two children, ages 2 and 5 With Father’s Day just around the corner, A Better Balance: The Work and Family Legal Center has released a new report, Beyond the Breadwinner: Professional Dads Speak Out on Work and Family . This report clearly shows that work-family challenges are not just a women's...
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