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Change & Opportunity

January 21, 2012
From Your (Wo)manInWashington blog MOTHERS changing the conversation @ Mothers have a genius for on-the-spot problem solving. Sizing up a looming crisis in a nanosecond, we flip through our mental list of optional responses, then implement, discard, and substitute possible solutions until the crisis is resolved and order restored. Every single day mothers meet multiple opportunities for this kind of “rapid response” engagement head on. As the days multiply and the children get older, our maternal management skills get honed and polished. Soon we can...
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On Women and Guilt

December 20, 2011
Another smart post from our friends at Role/Reboot . -Eds. I’m on the board of a small, parenting-related nonprofit organization, a board comprised of smart, thoughtful women who are mostly mothers of small children (and one dad, though our father pool is growing). In addition to our full-time parenting jobs, pretty much all of us have professional jobs, or are students. We’re all juggling a lot of balls, and we all take on this additional volunteer job as board members because we believe that the work of this organization is world-changing. Photo credit garryknight/Flickr Recently, we’ve...
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American Moms: Unsung Heroes of a Bad Economy

December 15, 2011
American mothers are hard-hit by the tough economy, with 42 percent more women than men living in poverty and single moms especially vulnerable. Yet women work valiantly to sustain families, and remain thankful that they can manage at all. In a new study on American families released today, the toll of tough times is painfully clear. “Parents across groups express strong feelings of frustration and disappointment with how things are going for people like them today,” says the report, which was commissioned by Ascend, the family economic security program at the Aspen Institute . Lilly Dong “...
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And Now, About Those Mega-Rich Alleged Job Creators…

December 7, 2011
Any second-grader could do the math. I say the Job Creators are the 99% who clip discount coupons from the Sunday newspaper so they can get 4 cans for $1.
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Gotta love The Good Wife

December 6, 2011
I’m a mom of a two-and-a-half year old and a three month old and I have a full time job. If I have any extra “me” time that isn’t spent shirking the gym and the growing piles of laundry, I’ll probably spend it sleeping. So a TV show has to be super appealing to make it on my very small “must see” list. Enter The Good Wife. Oh how I love thee. It’s probably second only to my love of AMC’s Mad Men. I love them both, in large part, because of their strong female characters who are dealing with realistic life pressures for the times in which the shows take place. Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife...
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Mothers of the Century (21st)

November 22, 2011
From Your (Wo)manInWashington blog MOTHERS changing the conversation @ Prepare to be impressed with yourselves, girls. The US Census Bureau just put out new numbers on maternity leave and employment which show we’ve spent the past 40 years investing wisely in ourselves. First time mothers are more likely to have at least an undergrad degree by the time they give birth, now at an average age of 25. In fact, if a woman delays her first birth until age 30, she’ll probably join the 43% of mothers with a college degree. Teen pregnancy has dropped from 36% in...
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3 (Unconventional) Career Lessons Learned

November 21, 2011
1. Don't choose what to do. (Choose what NOT to do - quickly.) My career has been propelled most by the times I started down a path, realized it was not a good fit, and quickly chose NOT to do it anymore. Even when that decision was painful, risky or counter-intuitive. Four months in, I realized I didn’t want to spend seven years getting a Ph.D. and then be a professor. I walked away from a fellowship, and walked into a K12 teaching job that introduced me to strategic planning, education and technology – three areas I found passion and would become constant throughout my career. A job I moved...
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Boys “In Crisis” and Biological Imperatives

November 9, 2011
From Your (Wo)manInWashington blog MOTHERS changing the conversation @ Kelly Coyle DiNorcia uses her degrees in neuroscience and education to out-maneuver two small children, care for an astonishing variety of animals, and run an ice hockey organization with her husband. She thinks “work life balance” is a lie and spends her time careening from one extreme to the other. If you read books like "The Wonder of Boys" and "Raising Cain," you will learn that today’s American boys are in crisis. As schools become more heavily focused on academic achievement and...
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"Snowtober" Highlights the Importance of Family-Friendly Workplace Policies

November 7, 2011
Not that I needed another reason to be grateful for many of the workplace benefits my current employer provides but I can’t help but be incredibly thankful that during Connecticut’s “snowtober” as it’s being called, my employer has allowed several of her employees the ability to work from home, be flexible with our work hours and has even said we can bring our children into the office if need be. If you haven’t heard, Connecticut (and surrounding states), got hit hard by a snow storm right before Halloween. Most of the state has been without power for 7 days now, and our neighborhoods look...
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Establishing a New Balance

October 28, 2011
Editor's note : This was originally published at Role/Reboot. October is annual National Work & Family Month . Who knew? A 2003 U.S. Senate Resolution declared this to be the month of “encouraging workplaces to pause…and reflect on the progress already made on the journey to work-life effectiveness, to celebrate and then raise the bar moving on to even more pervasive progress.” Though it’s admirable to encourage employers to reflect on the issues of work/life balance and workplace fairness, I’m not popping the cork to toast progress just yet. From a worker’s rather than an employer’s...
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