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Heavy Lifting, Part II: Discrimination Against Mothers is the Strongest Form of Gender Bias

March 1, 2012
co-written with Rachel Dempsey In the last post, we talked about the problem of pregnancy discrimination against women in hourly jobs - cases where mothers were refused simple accommodations that would help them have healthy pregnancies. Discrimination against pregnant women and mothers is a huge problem for working-class women, for whom a single missed day at work could mean that they lose both their jobs and the ability to support their families. Professional women, by and large, are more likely to have flexible schedules and are more likely to be given paid maternity leave than working-...
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[Infographic] Who's the Boss: Micro-manager or Coach?

February 27, 2012
If micro-managers are like babysitters, then the bosses we all hope to have are like great coaches. Coaches inspire and bring out the best in their team. Micro-managers slowly suck the life out of you. Everybody knows a micro-manager, but nobody claims to be one. Certainly, bosses view themselves differently than their employees see them. 1 in 3 managers say they use a coaching style, but only 1 in 5 employees agree (according to this Adecco study ). So, here’s my take on some of the most distinctive attributes of an inspiring coach and a micro-manager. Take this quiz and see what kind of...
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Heavy Lifting: Pregnant Women are Forced to Carry an Extra Load in the Workforce

February 21, 2012
In the 1970s, after it became illegal to discriminate based on race, some employers responded by imposing high school education requirements for blue-collar jobs. Today, employers who want to keep women out of “men’s jobs” do something similar: they wait until workers get pregnant, and then deny them “light duty,” like desk work for a police officer, for example, or a transfer from the warehouse to the phone bank, making them unable to perform their jobs. Discrimination against pregnant women is finally beginning to get the national attention it deserves. Last week, I and others urged the...
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How can I manage them if I can't see them?

February 15, 2012
I am frankly getting tired of hearing it: “How can I manage them if I can’t see them?” That’s clearly the most common expression of resistance from managers who oppose letting their employees work from home (or from anywhere other than the corporate office). In fact, I am convinced the fundamental reason that many organizations have not embraced flexible work programs is that middle managers fundamentally mistrust their employees. I continue to see evidence of a pervasive and deep-seated belief that if an employee is “out of sight” his or her work will be out of mind. For me, there is only...

A Day in the Life of a Working Mom

February 15, 2012
Hello MomsRising followers! So many of you enjoyed the CT Working Moms recent series about toxins that I want to share our latest series with you, A Day in the Life of a Working Mom (the brain child of our blogger Christa ). Each day for the next 2 weeks one of our bloggers will take you through her typical day. Today we are on day three! My day was yesterday so I posted it below for you. What's your typical day as a working mom like? Let us know and follow along! ------------------------------------------------- Good morning all! I’m happy to share what a typical day in my life is like...
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Advice You Will Never Hear From a Career Counselor

February 1, 2012
Almost two years ago, I wrote my first blog post . As soon as it went live, I thought, I have quite possibly just ruined my entire life. This was about a year after I went home sick from my job and then never went back. The whole experience still felt painfully raw. I was filled with shame for letting people down, for abandoning the career I’d worked so hard at. I didn’t know how to explain the fact that I was so completely burned out that it wasn’t a choice to stop working, it was a physical necessity. Like most professional women, I had always taken great pains to appear confident, together...
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Change & Opportunity

January 21, 2012
From Your (Wo)manInWashington blog MOTHERS changing the conversation @ Mothers have a genius for on-the-spot problem solving. Sizing up a looming crisis in a nanosecond, we flip through our mental list of optional responses, then implement, discard, and substitute possible solutions until the crisis is resolved and order restored. Every single day mothers meet multiple opportunities for this kind of “rapid response” engagement head on. As the days multiply and the children get older, our maternal management skills get honed and polished. Soon we can...
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On Women and Guilt

December 20, 2011
Another smart post from our friends at Role/Reboot . -Eds. I’m on the board of a small, parenting-related nonprofit organization, a board comprised of smart, thoughtful women who are mostly mothers of small children (and one dad, though our father pool is growing). In addition to our full-time parenting jobs, pretty much all of us have professional jobs, or are students. We’re all juggling a lot of balls, and we all take on this additional volunteer job as board members because we believe that the work of this organization is world-changing. Photo credit garryknight/Flickr Recently, we’ve...
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American Moms: Unsung Heroes of a Bad Economy

December 15, 2011
American mothers are hard-hit by the tough economy, with 42 percent more women than men living in poverty and single moms especially vulnerable. Yet women work valiantly to sustain families, and remain thankful that they can manage at all. In a new study on American families released today, the toll of tough times is painfully clear. “Parents across groups express strong feelings of frustration and disappointment with how things are going for people like them today,” says the report, which was commissioned by Ascend, the family economic security program at the Aspen Institute . Lilly Dong “...
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And Now, About Those Mega-Rich Alleged Job Creators…

December 7, 2011
Any second-grader could do the math. I say the Job Creators are the 99% who clip discount coupons from the Sunday newspaper so they can get 4 cans for $1.
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