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To Rep. Sandy Adams: Victims of Domestic Violence Deserve Better Than Your VAWA Bill

May 24, 2012
Cross-Posted at America's Voice and Daily Kos : It’s painful to watch. Rep. Sandy Adams (R-FL), a victim of domestic violence, has let herself become the spokesperson for the grievously flawed and dangerous Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) passed by House Republicans. But asserting that “VAWA must protect all victims,” as Adams does in a new op-ed in The Hill, isn’t enough. Her bill has to actually do so. Protecting all victims has been the premise of VAWA for twenty years. But the GOP bill doesn't do that. Even Adams admits that the GOP bill weakens protections for Native Americans, the...
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Latinas in the White House and Beyond

May 21, 2012
In a few hours I will be joining a cohort of my hermanas, Latina bloggers at a meeting at the White House. Some of these women I have had the honor and priviledge to know and work with for years. A few I am even working with at present on the deployment of the Latino Voice survey to make sure the Latino voice is heard and counted, especially during this very important election year. And yet others I look forward to meeting for the first time in person tomorrow. As I mentioned in the Game Changers interview last week, there are several issues of import to the Latino community that are top of...
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On Violence Against Women Act, GOP Works with Mail Order Bride Industry Against Immigrants

May 18, 2012
Cross-Posted at America's Voice : “Russian Women are no longer the best kept secret of the cold war” notes the website of Encounters International , the mail-order bride company that is lobbying hard for the passage of the scary Republican version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) -- the version that passed the House of Representatives earlier this week. An actual reauthorization of VAWA passed in the Senate last month by a 68 - 31 margin , in a rare show of bipartisanship. As I previously reported , the VAWA reauthorization provides Republicans with a unique opportunity to advance a...
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The War On Women Is Bigger Than You Think

May 11, 2012
As you read this, the U.S. Supreme Court is considering key elements of Arizona’s SB1070 — one of the most outrageously harsh anti-immigration laws our nation has ever seen. As the Court deliberates, the rampant racial profiling and blatant discrimination encouraged by SB1070 continue to devastate individuals, economies and communities in Arizona. And though a decision may not arrive until June, this we know now: it is immigrant women and their families who stand to lose the most. We are talking a lot these days about the “war on women.” And rightly so. But this war is not only about...
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The GOP War on Women and Immigrants Continues: the Battle Over VAWA

May 7, 2012
Last month we wrote about how Republicans were warring on immigrants and women by opposing revised health care standards for detainees. Now, a new front in the GOP war against both groups is emerging. Last Friday, Huffington Post's Ryan Grim and Elise Foley wrote about House Republicans’ plan to hijack the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization and use it to advance their anti-immigrant agenda. The title spelled it out quite clearly -- GOP's Violence Against Women Act Would Open Up Undocumented Victims To More Abuse: The House Republican version of the new Violence Against Women...
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Wage Theft, Sexual Harassment and Workplace Violence: The Troubling Reality of Many Latina and Immigrant Workers

April 17, 2012
There are stories of human pain and workers' rights abuses that are oftentimes ignored or simply never told. Through their labor, workers are fundamental to the prosperity of American society but they hardly receive bonuses, incentives, awards or medals for keeping the wheels of our economy turning. The plight and invisibility of many workers makes them an easy target, vulnerable to the infringement of their labor, civil and human rights. This is a sad and widespread reality that we have been documenting for many trabajadoras (Latina workers) across the U.S.. Latinas fill traditionally...
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The War on Immigrant Women: Part of the Sweeping Crusade Against the Fundamental Rights of All Women

April 11, 2012
This article originally appeared at RH Reality Check . Araceli doesn’t go out alone anymore. She is frightened of ongoing harassment by local police, whom she used to trust to protect her. Trini drops her two children off at school every morning unsure if she will be there at pickup time. Other mothers in her communities have, after all, been "disappeared," taken from their homes, and families, without warning or trace. Think this is happening in Kabul? Juarez? Actually, it’s happening in Alabama. Today, the escalating "war on women" has — rightly — sparked widespread outrage and urgent...
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My Hope: A Fear-Free Alabama

April 3, 2012
Cross-posted at Huffington Post Latino Voices . I woke up at 3:30 yesterday morning to catch a flight to Birmingham, Alabama. Although I had gotten about 4 hours of sleep, I was full of energy as I prepared to travel with the We Belong Together Women's Human Rights Delegation to Alabama . I have decided to make this journey along with incredible women leaders from across the U.S. to bear witness to how Alabama's anti-immigrant law (HB 56) is affecting women, children, and their families. The National Immigration Law Center has been co-leading litigation efforts challenging anti-immigrant laws...
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What the Youth of Alabama Taught Me

April 3, 2012
Editor's Note: This story originally appeared in First Focus , an advocacy organization for children and families. Last week I had the honor of joining women leaders from around the country as part of the We Belong Together human rights delegation to Alabama, whose recent passage of the most draconian immigration law in the country has resulted in a man-made disaster for communities across the state. HB56 is also the first law that most directly harms children by barring undocumented students from enrolling in public universities and requiring elementary and secondary schools to check and...
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The War on Women and the War on Immigrants Collide

March 28, 2012
A few weeks ago, the right-wing Daily Caller ran a piece with the sensational headline “Transgender hormone treatments, abortion access for detained illegals irks congressman.” It’s about House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith’s opposition to humane treatment of immigrants detained by our government as they fight deportation. Smith, a Republican from Texas, is known for being one of the loudest and most aggressive anti-immigrant voices in Congress. You know what “irks” me? When politicians (or anyone for that matter) play politics with people’s lives. The Obama Administration recently announced...
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