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The POWER Act: Protecting the Most Vulnerable from Corporate Exploitation

December 10, 2012
Immigrant workers across this country face a distinct threat: unscrupulous employers intimidate or retaliate against them if they complain about illegal working conditions. Employers actually have an incentive to recruit foreign workers because they can exploit this vulnerability to underpay and mistreat them. A shipping company called Signal International is a perfect example. In 2006, they lured more than 500 guest workers here from India under the H-2B temporary guest worker program to repair oil rigs after Hurricane Katrina. Workers were promised green cards for themselves and their...
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Still Waiting for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Civil and Human Rights Activists Organize to Fight Anti-Immigrant State Laws

December 10, 2012
There is renewed hope that comprehensive immigration reform will now be possible in Washington, D.C., following the November election that saw Latino and Asian American voters turning out in record numbers. The failure to pass comprehensive reform at the federal level has been a major disappointment made worse by states such as Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Utah and South Carolina that have passed severe measures aimed at forcing undocumented immigrants and their families to “self deport” by making life unbearable. As The Washington Post reported : Alabama’s law makes it a crime for illegal...
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Immigrant Integration Means Health, Dignity, and Justice for Immigrant Latinas and Communities

December 10, 2012
It is an understatement to say our current immigration policies and practices hinder, instead of promote, immigrant integration. Aggressive enforcement practices tear families apart and undermine the safety of our communities. Our government’s failure to establish a path to citizenship perpetuates labor exploitation, threatens families’ economic security, and undermines equality of opportunity. Yet in the discussions of immigrant integration and current immigration policies, women’s access to health care, including reproductive health care, is often overlooked. Access to health care must be...
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Comprehensive Immigration Reform Must Include Border Security

December 10, 2012
The Republican Party has to face the changing demographics and needs to do a better job of reaching out to minorities. As Republicans we don’t have to change our philosophy, we just need to have a message that appeals to those minorities and have a better way of delivering that message without the vitriol that has been the norm in the past. Hispanics as well as all demographics are concerned with the current economic crisis and the need for more robust job creation. When Republicans talk about the economy we need to do so in terms that people understand, we need to speak in terms of bread and...
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The Fallout of Separating Immigrant Mothers From Their Children

December 10, 2012
Esther has lived through a parent’s worst nightmare, and meeting her several months ago at a shelter for women’s migrants in Tijuana was both devastating and inspiring. She was one of seven women who offered to share their stories with a visiting delegation of women leaders who had traveled across the border to hear about the impact of U.S. immigration laws on women, children and families.Like almost all of the women who currently live at that shelter or have passed through it, Esther had been separated from her daughter as a result of U.S. immigration policies. Five years ago, while she was...
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A Stronger Nation for All: Why I Fight for Comprehensive Immigration Reform in Congress

December 10, 2012
Para español, haga clic aquí . The 2012 elections marked a pivotal point in our nation’s history: Latino voters represented a record 10 percent of the electorate and voted overwhelmingly in support of President Obama, as did a vast majority of Asian and African American voters. The voices of Hispanic Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities were heard loud and clear as we collectively ushered in a President who supports comprehensive immigration reform and rejected a candidate who promoted “self-deportation” and promised to veto the DREAM Act. The 2012 Presidential election was, in...
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Una Nación Más Fuerte para Todos: Porque Luchar por una Reforma Migratoria Integral en el Congreso

December 10, 2012
For English, click here . Estas pasadas elecciones de Noviembre de 2012 marcaron un momento crucial en la historia de nuestra nación: los votantes Latinos representaron un número record del electorado con un 10 por ciento de los votantes y votaron abrumadoramente a favor del Presidente Obama, al igual que la mayoría de los votantes asiáticos y afro-americanos. Las voces de los hispanoamericanos y otras minorías raciales y étnicas se escucharon fuerte y claramente cuando colectivamente dimos paso a un Presidente que apoya una reforma migratoria integral y repudiamos al candidato que promovía...
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Immigrant Youth Vow to Fight for Their Parents, Families, and Citizenship

December 10, 2012
After Republicans reached an historic low among Latino voters in last month’s election, political analysts of all stripes began to say that the GOP should change its immigration plank and work with Democrats to enact reasonable and humane reform in Congress. They said the Democrats want it, and the Republicans need it. This is a rare moment where a single change in the law could help both parties politically and move us forward as a country. Immigration reform—specifically, what to do about the 11 million immigrants in our country who don't have papers—was an issue in a number of Republican...
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Our youth know what’s right -- help them tell Congress to keep families together.

November 30, 2012
Every day, 5.5 million children live with the fear that one of their parents could be deported. Every day, families are torn apart by deportations and immigrant detentions. And every day, mothers struggle to be reunited with their children, like Yolanda, whose young son was ripped from her arms by immigration officials before she was deported. It’s just not right. More than anyone, our kids know that it’s wrong for children to live in fear that their parents will be taken away. That’s why we’re asking children to write letters and draw pictures to express one, holiday wish to members of...
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Your Guide to Avoiding Election Day Snafus

November 6, 2012
IT’S HERE! Election Day is today (November 6th!) and it's time to get out there and vote! It can be enough of a challenge just getting to the polls today, but it’s so important. Make sure that you have everything you need this election day to make your voting experience go smoothly. Find out: What's on your ballot How to find your polling location How to do election day voter registration Tips on breastfeeding at the polls Election day activities for kids ...and more, in this handy guide to avoiding election day snafus: Check your ballot: Plug in your address and you can preview your ballot...
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