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#FoodFri Tweetchat: Pass the salt?

April 24, 2015
Salt. It's on our tables, in our cupboards and added into our foods by food companies. Powerfully flavorful, salt triggers a response in our bodies causing us to crave more. But how much is enough? When does too much salt become dangerous? According to the new Dietary Guidelines , a set of...
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Easy Pumpkin Loaf Bread Recipe

April 22, 2015
I love to bake. I would probably bake more often if I had a larger kitchen! Currently, my oven gets more use as storage than it does from baking. I'm not as extreme as the woman who stores shoes in her oven, but I do throw my pots and pans in there and use my toaster oven whenever possible. To get...
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Join us for Good Food Force Meet Ups This Spring!

April 22, 2015
Join us for some lively converastion and good food this spring! MomsRising staff and volunteers are hosting local Meet Ups around the country to discuss food justice, healthy kids, and what each of us can do to build healthy communities. Check out the list of upcoming events below, and let us know...
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Good Food Force: Green smoothies, SNAP, school lunches & more!

April 22, 2015
What a week! We're so inspired by the almost 50,000 signatures we've gathered this month in support of healthy food in preschools, protecting SNAP (food stamps), limiting junk food fundraisers in Michigan schools, and asking the industry to curb junk food marketing to kids. Together, we are a force...
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QUICK signature for SNAP: With an unexpected boost from Gwyneth's GOOPblog

April 21, 2015
Gwyneth tried (and failed) to live on a $29 weekly food budget, the average per-person benefit level provided by SNAP (food stamps). Should she have bought seven limes? Probably not ... but the online discussions have created an opportunity. Read on to find out what it is!
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Blue Bell Recalls are a Public Health Wake-Up Call

April 21, 2015
Blue Bell creamery has suffered a series of brain freeze-level headaches this spring. For the first time ever, the Texas-based company is voluntarily recalling all of its ice cream products from the market after being linked to three food-illness-related deaths. Lysteria bacteria contaminated ice...
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#FoodFri Tweetchat: Tips to Establish Healthy Eating Habits at Home

April 16, 2015
This week's tweetchat is one I am looking forward to! From supermarket shopping to healthy meals ideas, it's sure to be lively. Even better, it will be conducted in English and Spanish. So, please feel free to join in whichever language you feel most comfortable in. Join #FoodFri on Friday, April...
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Food Choices Alter Children’s Palate, Memory and Learning

April 15, 2015
Walking through a farmer’s market, I’m captivated by what I see. Mothers (and fathers!) push carriages, and hold toddlers’ hands, as they walk between a kaleidoscope of fruits and vegetables. I watch as the children munch on bananas, watermelon and mangos. “This is how it should be,” I think...
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Proposed Congressional Cuts to Nutrition Assistance Would Cost Jobs

April 14, 2015
This week, the House will vote on a measure to repeal the estate tax, which would shower the wealthiest 0.2 percent of estates in the country with an average tax cut of $2.5 million. Meanwhile, the House has already passed a budget proposal that would convert the nation’s bedrock nutrition...
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Una Historia Personal: Alimentación Más Derechos de Los Estudiantes Inmigrantes

April 13, 2015
Era el día de San Valentín del 2001. Tenía ocho años de edad cuando mis padres y yo cruzamos la frontera de EE.UU. provenientes de Zacatecas, México en busca de las mejores oportunidades que podía ofrecer el llamado “Sueño Americano”. Durante varias generaciones, mi familia se ganó la vida a través...
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