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#FoodFri Healthy Recipe #4thOfJuly Tweetchat

July 2, 2014
This 4th of July, my family and I are heading to a family shindig. We'll be spending time with family and friends around the pool and laughing around the backyard tables.
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A Bipartisan Answer to Hungry Kids During the Summer

July 2, 2014
Only 1 in 5 eligible kids access the Summer Nutrition Program. These leaves behind a lot of hungry children June through August. Luckily, a bi-partisan group in Congress is coming up with some answers to this problem.
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Opinion: Congress Wants To Undo Moms’ Hard Work On School Lunches

June 16, 2014
My son and I are researching and applying for high school scholarships. As part of the process, we've toured New York City private schools. It’s an amazing experience. They have small classes, huge libraries and gyms, and cafeterias, full of healthy options, that rival those of any public schools. I was in awe and so was my son. The school my son loved, which will remain unnamed, is one of the top rated private schools in NYC. It also had a hefty price tag to go with it. However, the most glaring difference between this institution and public schools, was not just the price tag, it was the...
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School Rules = Lower Obesity

August 31, 2012
What makes it more likely that an overweight or obese 5th grader won't remain obese by the 8th grade? Location, location, location! A recent study in the Archive of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine by Bridging the Gap shows that an overweight or obese 5th grader who lives in a state with strong laws that restrict the sale of unhealthy snacks and beverages in schools is less likely to remain so by the 8th grade than their peers in states without these laws. Researchers observed children and teens for three years, and found that students in schools with strong snack food and beverage laws...
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Let's Not Give up on Our Kids!

May 29, 2014
Oh, kids. So fun and funny. But sometimes -- often! -- not easy. How many times has your child (or one you know) melted down over something like having the wrong color socks, taking a bath, getting hit by a falling leaf... You know what I mean. I think we can all agree: young kids aren't exactly rational creatures. That doesn't mean we don't still try. Socks of the wrong color aren't a big deal. But taking a bath is! So is brushing their teeth. Tying shoes. Being nice to other kids. These are important life-skills. Non-negotiable. As parents, it's our role to help them learn these skills...
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Request From a Mom: Stop, Now, Please!

April 25, 2014
As a mom of two little ones, I'm doing all I can to keep them happy and healthy. I try to cook fresh and healthy meals. I buy natural and organic products when I can. And I try to model good behavior. It's definitely not easy. I like sweets (a lot). I'm often too tired to argue over which snacks to purchase when we stop for gas or milk. And at the end of the day it's often hard to imagine cooking at all, let alone preparing a full and healthy meal. But I try. We all try. Parents are magical and powerful because we seem to find energy even when we're at our most exhausted. I've clearly got a...
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Should Kids Drink Soda? New Report Raises Serious Concerns

January 31, 2014
Ever have someone tell you they've got "the sugar" when you asked how they are doing? It's a old Southern term that means he/she is sick, stricken with a form of diabetes, and in most cases, type 2. Type 2 diabetes is a debilitating, life altering, deadly and preventable disease. For decades, it was considered a condition developed in middle-aged adults who had experienced a lifetime of nutrition imbalances. Sadly, there is a new growing demographic of people afflicted with this form of diabetes, our children. Their little bodies are facing the potential harsh health complications that come...
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#FoodFri Tweetchat: Healthy Tips for Eating Out

June 24, 2014
Eating out accounts for a third of Americans’ calories and contributes to poor nutrition and obesity . Restaurant foods and beverages often contain high levels of calories, saturated fat, sugars, and salt, and not enough fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. And restaurant practices, like large portions, upselling, free refills of sugary beverages, and unhealthy default side dishes, make healthy eating a challenge. Join @MomsRising and @CSPI for this week's #FoodFri tweetchat on healthy options for eating out! Learn how to eat healthy when you dine out and share your tips, strategies and...
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The United States of Compost

June 25, 2014
Vermont is a cool place and it’s getting cooler. The Green Mountain State passed a “ universal recycling law ” (Act 148) that has a number of progressive provisions including mandatory composting. Starting this summer, enterprises that generate two tons or more of food scraps per week – e.g., grocery stores, restaurants and food producers – must divert them from landfills. Because the law is being phased in over several years, residents have until 2020 to comply. After that, food scraps and yard debris ( i.e., leaves and wood scraps) will be banned from landfills. If this sounds a bit...
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Moms say No to Nick!

October 25, 2013
Got a minute? Mom to mom: we really need your help to keep the pressure on Nickelodeon to STOP marketing junk food to kids! Can you add your voice? You see, Nickelodeon has a huge influence on children, like my son J.P. A 2012 study by the Center for Science and the Public Interest found that 69% of Nickelodeon food ads sell junk food to kids. [1] Sure, I can just turn off the T.V. But it's not just the T.V. These ads are targeting kids like my son J.P. through games, product placement, clothing, the Internet,...
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