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#GFF2015: How to Incorporate Exercise in Your Family’s Daily Activities

January 12, 2015
Children do what their parents do, so make healthy choices in your everyday life and your kids will follow … for a lifetime. Here are some ideas from Cristina, aka TriathlonMami.
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A papasan chair helps me keep my sanity

January 9, 2015
Having a personal space of my own is as necessary in my life as breathing. I don’t need to use my personal “me space” everyday, but I like to know that it’s there should I need it. As someone who has always had to cohabitate—first sharing a bedroom with my older sister, then with college roommates, and now my husband—what prevented a head-spinning exorcist moment was my insistence on claiming even just a corner (if sitting in your closet, uggs provide the best cushioning) to myself. But how do you claim a space for yourself when you have a million things competing for your attention?
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Good Food Force Weekly Update: #GFF2015 challenge, and NYC meet-up this wknd!

January 8, 2015
A very happy new year to you! We hope you had some time to relax and recharge during the holidays. There's so much good work to be done promoting healthy schools and communities this year - we're excited to get started! To kick things off, we've launched a fun way to get inspired for the year ahead: the Good Food Force Healthy New Year Challenge. Find highlights from week 1 of the challenge below, along with details on this week's #FoodFri chat and a special event in NYC taking place this weekend! 1. THE HOT LINE Highlights from the #GFF2015 Healthy New Year Challenge Week 1: Embracing the...
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#GFF2015: Como crear un plan de entrenamiento físico cuando es una mamá ocupada

January 5, 2015
Cuando nació mi hijo en el 2003, no sabía como iba a trabajar, cuidar al bebé, y a la vez hacer ejercicio. Afortunadamente sobreviví el infierno de no dormir y cuidar a un bebé con cólicos -- ¡ja! ¡ja! ¡ja! – y sí estoy haciendo ejercicio seis días de la semana. Incluso bajé los 20 kilos que aumenté con mi hijo y también después con mi hija en el 2007. Tomó mucha planeación y lecciones que compartiré con ustedes hoy. Paso No. 1: No deje de dormir. Aunque parece mentira, pero dormir bien en la noche – ¡o cuando pueda con un bebé! – es muy importante para todos los aspectos de nuestra vida:...
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#GFF2015: Como preparar comida caribeña en 30 minutos (¡VIDEO incluido!)

January 5, 2015
Como muchas madres, trabajo tiempo completo, atiendo a mis dos hijos y por lo tanto tengo muy poco tiempo para cocinar. A pesar de todo sí cocino casi todas las tardes. ¿Mi secreto? Preparo y congelo salsas que me permiten preparar cena en 30 minutos. Una de mis salsas favoritas es el sofrito cubano que utilizo para el arroz, los frijoles, el tofu, la carne y las pastas. Aquí les presento los pasos para preparar el sofrito (¡Video incluido!): Paso No. 1: Compre y pique todas las verduras (finas) Para preparar dos comidas para una familia de 4, va a necesitar: (2) cucharas de aceite de oliva...
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6 Ways to Get You Organized in 2015

January 3, 2015
The Good Food Force Healthy New Year Challenge is underway. I thought I'd share a post I shared last week over on My Mamihood . Mainly because I'm still trying to prepare for an awesome and organized year and I need the reminders! Okay folks! Forty is right around the corner and this year, I want to start it off with giving you the tips I have been putting into practice around my home. I have found that as I move forward with my word of the year, I need to have clarity and comfort. Both of these things are accomplished with order in my midst. So without further ado, here it is. Clear the...
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Dream It, Say It, Plan It, DO IT: Tips on Setting and Keeping Healthy New Year Resolutions!

January 1, 2015
A new year is just that: new. It’s fresh and different and electric. It’s a time to dream, plan and get inspired. A time to finally kick off that new healthy habit, or maybe a time to end that not-so-great one. And it’s also a time to sweep away the clutter, from your inbox (don’t get me started) to your sock drawer. A new start is a big deal. I’m excited to make the most of it. I’m a big fan of New Years Resolutions. Making a commitment to do something - anything - really makes a difference. Say it out loud. Write it down. Make a promise to yourself that’s meaningful and important. We all...
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Announcing the Good Food Force Healthy New Year Challenge!

December 31, 2014
2015 will be our best year yet! Join the Good Food Force Healthy New Year Challenge to kick things off on a strong and healthy start. All month long, we're featuring moms offering tips on keeping New Year's Resolutions, preparing easy meals and healthy snacks, organizing your life, kicking off a fitness plan and so much more! You'll also find useful resources and of course lots of love and encouragement from other moms taking the challenge. Check back often for easy daily activities to help you eat, feel or do great. Complete activities if, when and how you want. Eager to do them all? Great!...
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#GFF2015: How to Make a Caribbean Feast in 30 Minutes (VIDEO included!)

December 29, 2014
Like many of you out there, I work full-time, have small children, and am time-famished. Yet, I manage to cook dinner almost every evening. My secret? I prepare and freeze base sauces that allow me to churn out quick, nutritious, and hearty meals in 30 minutes or less. One of my go-to sauces is Cuban sofrito , which I use in rice, beans, tofu, meat and pastas. Here is a quick how-to – video included! – on how to make sofrito sauce. Step 1: Buy and chop ingredients (fine dice) To prepare two meals for a family of four, you will need: (2) tablespoons of olive oil, (1) medium yellow, (1) medium...
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#GFF2015: How to Create a Fitness Plan

December 29, 2014
When my son was born in 2003, I had no idea how I was ever going to exercise, much less work and keep a roof over our heads while caring for an infant – and a colicky one at that! I am pleased to announce that I survived the hellish sleep-deprived year that was my son's first year of life – lol! – and am back on the exercise bandwagon. I even lost the almost 50 pounds that I gained with my son, and then again with my daughter in 2007. It took some planning on my part, and lessons learned along the way, which I am sharing with you all today. Step 1: Prioritize your sleep. I know that it seems...
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