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#FoodFri Tweetchat: Food Justice & Equality Affects Foods Sold & Served in YOUR Community

October 17, 2014
We envision a world in which all people have access to healthy, affordable food that nourishes our bodies and environments. Yet right now, that vision is plagued by severe inequality.
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My "Famous" Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Loaf Cake

October 14, 2014
Fall means pumpkin EVERYTHING! But this family recipe is the one you will return to time and time again.
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11 Great Reasons to Vote

October 14, 2014
We’re just a few weeks away from an incredibly important election. The votes people cast Nov. 4 will shape our future and our children’s. I’m sure you are planning to vote, but maybe you know people who are on the fence—who think elections in non-presidential years just aren’t that important. Not true! Here are 11 great reasons you can share with them to get them to the polls: 11. Bad politicians aren’t just elected by people who vote for them. They’re also elected by people who don’t vote at all. Don’t help elect politicians who work against your interests. 10. You can elect leaders who will...
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Our kids are getting too much salt

October 13, 2014
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report last month detailing the much-too-high amount of sodium present in most children’s diets. According to the report, 90 percent of children eat too much sodium, and these higher intakes are related to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke later in life.
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#FoodFri Tweetchat: Cafeteria Man, Fighting for Healthier School Foods

October 8, 2014
Join #FoodFri on October 10, at 1 p.m., EST , to chat with Richard Chisolm the Director of Cafeteria Man , a documentary that follows Tony Geraci, Chef and Baltimore School Food-Service Director, on his journey to replace processed school meals with locally-grown, freshly-prepared meals. The film, which debutted on public television this past August, demonstrates the power of the food movement - the importance of healthy meals. It also emphasizes the importance of parents, of YOU. In Tony Geraci's own words, "One of the single most important drivers for change are parents. Parents need to be...
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Good Food Force Weekly Update: Apple recipes, Healthy Halloween and more!

October 8, 2014
Welcome to this week's Good Food Force Update! We're celebrating FALL with some healthy apple recipes, and a Healthy Halloween Tweetchat. Also check out a great training opportunity with in Washington, D.C.! As always, please read and share. Thanks! 1. THE HOT LINE Good Food Force ... UNITE! We’re bringing together a powerful group of moms, advocates and experts for the first national Good Food Force Meeting in Washington, D.C. November 7-8, and we're looking for food superheroes to join us! will cover travel, accommodation and food expenses for selected...
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Watch on Wednesday: #POWHERList: Healthy Lives!

October 7, 2014
Health and safety are absolute essentials to achieving economic success for women and their families. That is why this week NYS PowHER will focus on Healthy Lives: Securing Economic Equality by Ensuring Reproductive Options, Ending Domestic Violence and Providing Childcare. Watch the Google Hangout featuring MomsRising's own Monifa Bandele to hear all about it: PANELISTS: Monifa Bandele, Moms Rising @MomsRising Gregory Brender, United Neighborhood Houses , Winning Beginnings @WinBeginNY Tracey Brooks, Family Planning Associates @WomensHealthNY Lorien Castelle,...
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Crowdfeeding - Food Drives for the 21st Century

October 6, 2014
We launched our Crowd-Feeding platform in June 2014 and hosted our first food drive campaign over the summer, partnering with Curbing Hunger and a number of other terrific organizations. The campaign raised over 56,000 LBS of food, including tons of fresh produce, to help those facing food insecurity in NJ (our home base is the Garden State!). We’re looking to build upon that success with An Apple A Day - a crowd-feeding food drive campaign designed to raise lots of healthy food, educate people about the cool things people and organizations are doing to help fight hunger and to build...
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A Growing Hope: Community Organizing to End Childhood Obesity

October 6, 2014
Although National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, a designation intended to raise awareness about the problem of obesity and show people how they can take steps toward a solution, has passed, we want to remind everyone that the need to raise awareness has not. In the last generation, childhood obesity has increased more than fourfold in the United States. More than 23 million children and teenagers are obese or overweight, a statistic that health and medical experts consider an epidemic. And while the national childhood obesity rate has recently started to level off, and some cities and...
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#FoodFri Chat de Twitter: Consejos y Estrategias Saludables de Halloween

October 3, 2014
Octubre trae días más cortos, manzanas crujientes, calabazas y Halloween. Se anuncia al inicio de la temporada de vacaciones que durará hasta Enero. También marca el inicio de los dulces de Halloween, las fiestas escolares y una arremetida de comida chatarra a los que tus hijos están expuestos en esta época del año. Sin embargo, ¡podemos evitar esos Zombis trastornados por el azúcar y volvernos locos por las opciones saludables! Únete a #FoodFri el Viernes 3 de octubre del 2014, a la 1pm EST, mientras @MamásConPoder chatea con @400Moms sobre las alternativas más saludables de Halloween...
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