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[Photo of McKyndree wearing a cardigan and dress in front of WA State Capitol dome]

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I'm writing from the Washington State Legislature where MomsRising member and super advocate McKyndree testified today in support of some MOMumental legislation on fair scheduling practices. 

Back McKyndree up with a quick email to your state lawmakers in support of secure scheduling legislation!

Imagine receiving a new work schedule the day before you have to report to work, with no advanced notice. How would you arrange childcare? What if your mom had a doctor's appointment that day and you needed to accompany her?

Now, imagine if your work schedule was permanently last-minute. It would make managing work, family, and the million things in between nearly impossible. 

This is exactly the situation that retail, hospitality, and restaurant workers around the country are in.

This is not ok. Washington moms and families need secure scheduling protections like the ones proposed in HB 1491/SB 5717. Send a quick email to your state legislators asking for their support of these important bills!

Here's the deal: National (and international) chains have turned to "on-demand" scheduling practices that leave workers in the lurch, especially moms and caregivers.

And this isn't just a workers issue, it's a women's issue too. Women are over-represented in the restaurant industry, hospitality industry, and much of the retail industry. Many of these women are also mothers. When employers use last-minute scheduling, it puts moms and caregivers into the impossible position of trying to make last-minute arrangements for childcare, transportation, eldercare, and other responsibilities.

When an employee can't make a shift they can be penalized or even fired, even when it comes with little notice from the employer. This has big consequences for families' economic security. Nearly two-thirds of moms are the primary or co-breadwinners for their families. So when moms earn less, families have less -- making it harder to pay bills, stick to a budget, or put money away for emergency savings. 

We can change this in the 2019 legislative session, but we need your help. Send a quick note to your state legislators in support of secure scheduling legislation!

Rep. Nicole Macri (43rd legislative district) and Sen. Rebecca Saldaña (37th legislative district) are leading the way on strong secure scheduling legislation: HB 1491/SB 5717. But these super women can't do it alone; they need the support of other legislators too. By sending a quick note to your state lawmakers, you will help us send a strong message that Washington moms, dads, and family members stand in support of fair scheduling practices.

Click here to send an email to your state legislators and urge them to support HB 1491/SB 5717! 

Strong legislation would ensure that work schedules are set at least two weeks in advance, maintain workers’ flexibility with employee-requested shift swaps, and increase access to full-time hours for qualified internal candidates. These new requirements wouldn't apply to small businesses, just large employers and big corporations. Plus, secure scheduling legislation is currently at work in New York City, San José, San Francisco, Emeryville, Seattle, and the state of Oregon.

We can make Washington next! Click here to send a quick note to your state legislators and ask for their support of secure scheduling legislation!

And after you take action, can you forward this email to your friends so they can take action too? 

Together, we can pass strong scheduling legislation that lifts families across our state. Thank you for all that you do!QUICK SIGNATURE: Washington parents need fair scheduling practices

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