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Philadelphia Paid Sick Days Law Would Allow Workers to Take Care of Their Chronic Conditions

May 25, 2011
In Philadelphia, there’s a disconnect between public health initiatives and access to care. The reason? Lack of paid time off to get to the doctor to care for chronic conditions. Since passage of the Affordable Care Act, the Department of Health and Human Services has awarded approximately $22.54 million in grants to organizations in Pennsylvania to help improve wellness and prevention efforts. Unfortunately, 39 percent of private sector workers in Pennsylvania do not have paid sick days, meaning they may be unable to afford to take time off work to access the preventative care needed to stay...
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It’s time now for workers to be able to earn paid sick days in Philly and across the country

May 25, 2011
Millions of Americans working without paid sick days face the impossible choice between caring for their health and that of their family, and keeping their paycheck or job. At a time when many families are worried about their financial security, the threat of losing a job or needed wages forces many workers to go to work even though they are ill. The lack of paid sick days poses a risk to public health. Many of the workers without paid sick days are in food service and health care jobs where illness can be spread to those they work with and serve. Laura, a coffeeshop barista, says her...
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Philadelphians deserve right to time off when sick

May 25, 2011
Philadelphians are working hard to support their families, and it’s not easy as expenses go up while their wages stay the same. Stretched to the limit and unable to put money aside for emergencies, many Philadelphians are faced with the decision to go to work sick. Last year my nephew Zachary got bronchitis and was out of work for a week. Despite five years of stellar service at the same restaurant, Zack did not have a single paid sick day. When he got sick, his manager told him to stay home until his cough was gone. Fortunately for Zachary, he had a job to go back to – which is not the case...

Apocalypse Never: Earned Sick Days Provide Benefit, Not Doom

May 25, 2011
The Philadelphia paid sick leave bill faces determined opposition from the city’s business lobbies. The Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce predicts doom every step of the way, prophesying mass job losses, shuttered businesses, and slashed benefits. Sound familiar? It should. Business groups routinely oppose social protection legislation -- from the minimum wage to family leave -- with apocalyptic economic rhetoric. The Philadelphia business lobby's opposition to the earned sick days bill, which would allow workers to earn five to nine annual paid sick days, isn’t particularly original. Rather...

Support paid sick days in Philadelphia!

May 25, 2011
People come to Studio 34: Yoga | Healing | Arts to find wellness and community. They work out in yoga classes, perhaps have a therapeutic massage, maybe meet other new mothers in a breastfeeding class. It’s wonderful to see so much activity, and it helps keep us all in good health. Yet everyone gets sick from time to time, and as a nurse, I know that when people get sick, they need rest. Unfortunately, many people cannot take the time off from work that they need to get well, or to care for a sick family member. More than 200,000 Philadelphians work for employers who do not provide paid sick...

Bad Economics Meet Paid Sick Days in Philadelphia

May 25, 2011
A new study for the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) estimates that Philadelphia’s proposed paid sick days legislation would cost employers between $350 million and $752 million annually. Both the factual basis and the assumptions underlying this study are seriously flawed. The totals derive from two presumed costs: the amount for new paid sick days coverage, estimated at between 34 and 42 cents per worker hour in direct labor costs, and 38 cents per worker hour in compliance costs for employees who already have paid sick days. Consider the new paid sick days coverage. The...
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In Philadelphia, a Healthy Workforce and a Healthy Business Environment Go Together

May 25, 2011
The human reasons to ensure that all working Philadelphians are able to care for themselves and their ill loved ones are tremendously compelling. The public health rationale for enabling people with contagious diseases to stay home and avoid spreading it is impeccable. But in an era of high unemployment, good policymaking also requires that we answer another question: how would guaranteeing all working people in Philadelphia the right to earn paid sick leave impact the city’s economy? To answer this question, I conducted a study analyzing Philadelphians’ access to paid sick leave and...

In the City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love, A Chance to Stand Up for Working Families

May 25, 2011
Philadelphia’s workers are hoping the city will soon take a critical step toward changing the way workplaces honor families. As early as June, the Philadelphia City Council could approve a law that provides workers the right to earn paid sick time to recover from illness or care for a family member. With more than 210,000 working people in the city lacking this basic protection, establishing a paid sick days standard should be common sense. It’s simple: when workers and their families are healthier, our communities and businesses benefit. Yet 44 million workers in the United States lack paid...

An Apple A Day Isn't Enough: Blog-A-Thon For Philadelphia's Earned Sick Days Law

May 25, 2011
Planning, preparation, prevention – it all comes with the territory of being a mom. We try to head off as many accidents and illnesses as we can; we child-proof, we carry hand sanitizer, and we teach our kids to wash their hands. But there is a big hole in our safety net: Two out of five – that’s 41% - of Philadelphia employees are not allowed by their employers to earn even a single paid sick day to care for their own health and thousands more are unable to take a paid day to care for a sick child or parent. [1] This is a big problem . Everyone gets sick at some point or another, but when...
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It’s Time for a Family Friendly America

May 10, 2011
By Vicki Shabo, Director of Work and Family Programs, National Partnership for Women & Families Mother’s Day. It’s a day when we shower the mothers in our lives with well-deserved compliments and gifts that show our appreciation. The heartfelt thanks, expressed in cards, flowers and chocolates, certainly have their place, but mothers today also need something much more lasting – policies that let them meet their own needs and those of their families. Today, too many mothers have to choose between the health and wellbeing of their families and their economic security because the United...
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