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Who Is Giving Birth in the U.S.?

May 18, 2010
From Your (Wo)manInWashington blog MOTHERS changing the conversation @ New data from the Pew Research Center reveal some surprising changes in the decisions women make about marriage and family. Over the past 20 years, non-Hispanic white women had fewer children, and now account for just over half of US births. The birthrate among black teenage girls has fallen by 50%, and there are more births to women over 35 than women under 20. The average age for first-time motherhood is 25. Only 1 out of every 10 births occurs to a teen-aged girl. It's far easier to...
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How do smart employers make work “work” in a down economy?

August 14, 2009
Smart employers are using flexible work options to manage through the recession—and help their employees manage. The organization I head, the Families and Work Institute , highlights 260 award-winning employers across the US using innovative approaches and practices including: • Giving employees four Fridays off in the summer in lieu of raises the organization cannot afford • Allowing employees to work at home 1-2 days a week to save on commuting costs • Giving employees the option to take unlimited, unpaid personal time off during the downturn, while keeping full medical benefits and the...